Leah’s ICL Story

Leah ICL Testimonial; Leah is a white woman with light brown, curled hair. She is shown from the shoulders up and is smiling at the camera in front of a plain white background. To her left, there is text that reads: "I can see the bottom line on the chart. I can read 20/10. So the tiniest letters that we have that are measurable. I can see!" Beneath that is additional text that reads: "Leah J./St. Louis, MO/ICL Patient" with the Brinton Vision logo beneath it.

I am actually, interestingly enough, having a really hard time breaking the habit of taking contacts out every night, when I’m going to bed. I have to like stop myself from walking into the bathroom to take out contacts that aren’t there. I get in bed and think, ‘I can still see, I forgot to …

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Becky’s ICL Brings Clarity

Becky Testimonial; Becky is a white woman with brown hair cut in a bob around her face and wearing a navy tshirt with brown and navy polka dots. There is text that reads: "My vision now is amazing. I cannot believe the difference in the clarity of my vision from even wearing contacts to my eyesight now with ICL." Becky B./ St. Louis, MO/ ICL Patient/ Brinton Vision

I recycled my glasses, and I was actually able to return my unopened boxes of contacts. And I have never looked back. Hi, I’m Becky from Lake St. Louis, Missouri. I’m at Brinton Vision, and I had ICL surgery. My vision was absolutely terrible, um, before I had any surgery at Brinton Vision. I could …

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Chloe Simplifies Her Life with ICL

Chloe Testimonial; Chloe is a woman shown from the shoulders up, wearing a maroon top and dark grey jacket and her hair is in a low ponytail that hangs over her left shoulder. She has a round face and is smiling. To her write is text that reads "My vision is beyond amazing. I did not realize vision could be this good." Beneath that it reads "Chloe E., St. Louis, MO, ICL Patient", with the Brinton Vision logo beneath it.

Hi, my name is Chloe I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. And I had the ICL in St. Louis at Brinton Vision. I found out I needed glasses when I was eight years old. And, um, from, I went from seeing clearly to being practically blind, to the point where I could not see without glasses …

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Afsheen’s ICL Let Her Donate Her Glasses After a Life Behind Lenses

Image of Afsheen, a woman with light brown skin and brown hair, holding a chalkboard sign that reads 'Better than 20/20'. An overlay on the photo says '"If there's a place you're gonna go, it's gotta be here!" Afsheen W., St. Louis MO, EVO ICL Patient" Beneath this is the Brinton Vision logo

Dr. Adam Wira joined 23 other St. Louis eye doctors in observing Dr. Brinton perform an implantable contact lens, or EVO ICL procedure. Afsheen, Dr. Wira’s wife, was the patient during the observed procedure. Here’s her experience in her own words. Hi, I’m Afsheen from St. Louis, Missouri and I had the Evo ICL procedure …

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Angela’s ICL Story

Angela testimonial; Angela is a white woman with blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue shirt, shown from the shoulders up in front of a white background on the right side of the image. On the left side is text that reads: "Everything is so much crisper, clearer, and beautiful. It's just like a whole new world opened up for me!" Angela B. Naylor, MO ICL Patient Below that is the Brinton Vision logo

Angela wore glasses and contacts for 36 years. When she wanted to get rid of them, she was told she couldn’t get LASIK. After doing some homework, she found that Dr. Brinton at Brinton Vision had a solution. Thanks to her Visian ICL procedure, she no longer has to wear glasses or contacts and can …

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