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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin

LASIK in St. Louis: LASIK cost v. glasses/contacts

Considering LASIK in St. Louis and worried about cost? Have you ever thought about how much it costs to maintain your glasses or contacts? Or keep changing out your contacts? Here’s a cost comparison between LASIK and glasses/contacts you might find helpful when deciding whether you can afford vision correction surgery:

Brinton Vision is different.

We own all of our lasers and diagnostic equipment, which allows us to provide advanced diagnostic services to determine which options are best for you, right here in St. Louis. We are among only a handful of laser vision correction centers in the United States to offer LASIK plus all six modern variations, onsite and with surgeons whose only concern is your vision. We are not about quantity; we are about quality.

You can have crisp, clear vision. It is within your reach.

Are you ready to take the next
step in your vision journey.

Pricing integrity

Everyone is family at Brinton Vision, and honesty and integrity are part of who we are and the relationships we build. Our pricing is subject to annual revision based on updated technology, wages, and the cost of training the best staff in the business. Other than these annual revisions, our pricing does not change based on how or when you are treated, and we do not offer cash discounts, coupons, or specials to select patients and not to others. In fact, we bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “what you see is what you get.”


When determining whether LASIK or any of the six modern LASIK alternatives is best for you, quality care and outcome should be your top priority. Still, we recognize that vision correction must fit into your budget. We take all standard forms of payment (cash, check, credit card, etc.), and we are able to work with health savings accounts (HSA) and medical savings accounts (MSA). Most laser vision correction procedures are tax-deductible. We also work with multiple financing companies to provide monthly payment options to fit most budgets to make LASIK in St. Louis possible for you. Our most popular monthly payment options are:

  • Zero Down Payment & deferred interest for 24 Months
  • Zero Down Payment & Low Monthly Payments with Fixed Interest Rate for 60 months

Insurance companies consider LASIK and other vision correction procedures to be elective, and they do not cover the cost.

All financing options below perform a soft pull and will not affect your credit score.

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Accredited Business BBB
Accredited Business BBB

Payment options

If LASIK in St. Louis is right for you, covering the cost of the procedure should not jeopardize your ability to seek the quality of care you desire and the life-changing results of improved visual perception. Brinton Vision is committed to making our vision correction procedures affordable and offers various payment options that help work within your budget.

Choose from the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit card
  • Payment plan options
LASIK Payment Options at Brinton Vision
LASIK payment options at Brinton Vision




Monthly payment plan options:

  • Zero down payment & deferred interest for 24 Months
  • Zero down payment & low monthly payments with fixed interest rate for 60 months

Medical savings accounts can help pay for procedures

Many employers sponsor Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts (FSA or HSA). Vision Correction procedures such as LASIK are approved under most of these plans. Patients participating in either FSA or HSA plans through their workplace can set aside tax-free money for a vision correction procedure. You can put up to $2,750 annually into an FSA. Check with your employer about your FSA open enrollment period.

Tax deduction

IRS ISSUES CLARIFICATION OF REFRACTIVE SURGERY TAX ISSUE: Revenue Rulings 200. Uninsured costs for refractive surgery are a deductible medical expense for personal income tax purposes.

At Brinton Vision, our fees are all-inclusive, transparent and affordable. Dr. Brinton and his exceptional staff are equipped with the experience and technology necessary to produce excellent outcomes for each patient.

Looking into cost

Insurance companies do not cover the costs associated with vision correction procedures, such as LASIK, as they are considered elective. The cost of laser eye surgery can vary greatly among the multiple providers in the marketplace. Prices advertised by these LASIK providers may or may not include usage of new technology, post-operative care, and patient satisfaction guarantees. The differences can be confusing. Brinton Vision encourages you to research your options and decide for yourself if customized vision correction is right for you. Click here to learn what our LASIK patients have to say about choosing Brinton Vision.

“Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value.” – Anonymous

How much does LASIK cost in Saint Louis?

The average price of LASIK in St Louis ranges between $2,200 to $8,200 per eye. The higher end of this range is typically for LASIK alternatives like Custom Lens Replacement surgery. Custom, all-laser LASIK will fall near the lower and middle ends of that range in St. Louis.

Why is there a huge gap in the LASIK price ranges?

If the surgeon or their LASIK facility only performs one type of procedure, the answer will be a simple, one-size-fits-all price. If on the other hand the surgeon has the advanced technology, training, and expertise to perform LASIK plus all six modern vision correction surgeries, then the answer to the LASIK cost question is “it depends.”

What would you expect to learn if you called a car dealership and asked, “What does a car cost?” Unless they only sell one year, make, and model, there is no single answer. Once options and various levels of quality enter the equation, the price range widens. So, “How much is LASIK,” you ask? That depends on many things.

  • Does where you live affect the cost of LASIK?
  • LASIK costs more with an experienced practitioner and staff
  • Do Advanced technologies cost more?
  • Is Wavefront LASIK more expensive?
  • Does All-Laser Bladeless LASIK cost more?
  • How can I pay for LASIK eye surgery?
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of laser eye surgery?
  • Can I use a Medical Savings Account for LASIK?
  • Is LASIK Tax Deductible?

What about the $250 per eye LASIK I hear advertised at times?

That is not what you will pay for LASIK in the end. This is a get-you-in-the-door price only. Once you get to your consultation, you’ll find the price starts rising quickly due to your prescription level, whether you have an astigmatism, or if you want their most advanced technology. You’ll also typically experience high-pressure sales tactics at discount LASIK providers. We do not believe in this approach at Brinton Vision. Instead, you’ll get clear, all-inclusive pricing during your LASIK consult. We don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. We believe in educating our patients and letting them make an informed decision.

Does where you live affect the cost of LASIK?

LASIK surgery costs can naturally vary between LASIK centers so the owner/operator can price surgeries competitively and still keep the lights on. Where that business is located in the country weighs heavily on a business owner’s cost and subsequently drives eye surgery cost. Practices in densely populated metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York City – where housing, food, utilities and even taxes are higher – will charge far more for laser eye surgery than an ophthalmology practice in a small town where these things are more affordable.

See how LASIK is a great investment!

That said, we recommend against bargain shopping when it comes to something as important as your eye health. Consider a provider’s experience, equipment, training, and breadth of service above cost. You’ll usually find the price of LASIK corresponds directly with the quality of care.

LASIK costs more with an experienced practitioner and staff

The more qualified the eye surgeon is, the more expensive the vision correction procedure will be – and the safer it will be! Vision correction practices that invest in ongoing training for surgeons and other medical staff will naturally have higher costs involved with providing top-notch treatment. When an advertised price for laser vision correction seems artificially low, it’s possible there is not as much overhead investment in hiring, training, retaining, and developing skilled medical staff professionally.

The amount of time and resources your surgeon spends on your treatment before, during, and after laser eye surgery also factor into the cost. Some providers cut their costs by having sales staff lead the exam flow, rather than a medical technician or surgeon. They may also hire “independent” or visiting temp surgeons to perform procedures, meaning you may not meet your surgeon until just before your surgery. That saves money but compromises the quality of care.

As the only full-time practice in the state of Missouri to offer LASIK plus all six modern variations, Brinton Vision’s investment in laser equipment, diagnostics, full-time doctors, and surgical technicians costs more than some providers charge – but patients looking for the best LASIK in St. Louis repeatedly tell us they chose us for this reason. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a LASIK consultation.

Advanced technologies cost more

A LASIK center’s investment in advanced diagnostic and surgical technologies will affect the price of LASIK. For example, a LASIK center offering only LASIK and PRK can realistically charge less than $2,000 per eye because they may only examine the cornea and only provide two treatment options. This means they invest less in technology and can charge less. That practice may reduce the procedure cost, only to recover it through less expensive, bare-bones technology and high sales volume.

At Brinton Vision we provide every patient with a thorough Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis (BVOA). During this 90-minute examination, we use nine sophisticated diagnostic machines to measure the entire eye in 3D from the front of the cornea to the back of the retina.

Is Wavefront LASIK more expensive?

Yes, but worth it. Custom Wavefront LASIK treatment has been a game-changing breakthrough in vision correction. The technology consists of a sensor and laser that work together to deliver extremely precise treatment to the eye. Wavefront excels at providing patients with improved visual acuity, as well as better perception of detail and contrast. Studies have shown it reduces the risk of nighttime halos, glare, and other post-LASIK complications.

Does bladeless LASIK cost more?

Bladeless LASIK utilizes a highly advanced laser technology known as the femtosecond laser. This type of LASIK surgery is different in that the flap created in the cornea during this procedure is made with a laser rather than a manual blade. The technology costs more but studies have shown it can come with fewer complications and risks than manual blades. The extremely high speed of the femtosecond laser allows the surgeon to target corneal tissue on a molecular level without damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in more precise treatment, painless surgery and more comfortable healing.

Are you ready to take the next
step in your vision journey.

We can’t speak for other laser eye surgery centers, but our own procedures range in price from $2,200 to $8,200 per eye. Some patients may only need surgery to one eye, while others may have special considerations that result in additional treatment expenses. Brinton Vision’s average treatment, with flexible payment options, runs $152/Month for both eyes.

What LASIK centers may not tell you about the hidden costs of cheap LASIK

When offering a consultation that is “free,” a practice will need to either cut back expenses or generate extra revenue to compensate for not charging for the exam. That most likely means no time with your surgeon; less time overall; less investment in technology, staff, professional development, and training; and increased pressure on the staff to sell the surgery to recoup the cost of the exam.

If the eye center stays true to their low advertised price (there could be a bait-and-switch involved with artificially cheap LASIK eye surgery), make sure you have a full understanding of what overhead expenses that center cut to make a $2,000 surgery on your eyes financially viable. Did they cut back on equipment? Training? Staff? Treatment options? Every cut represents a risk.

We don’t do free LASIK exams. Have you ever heard of someone who went to a “free LASIK exam” and was told they should stay in their glasses? We haven’t.

When our LASIK specialty doctors charge for exam services, it’s because of the level of expertise they are providing to you. When we are paid for the exam work we do, our staff is free to tell you if you don’t qualify for LASIK and would be better served by staying in your glasses. You get what you pay for!

We will always be fair and transparent about our laser surgery pricing, and will never recommend a procedure you don’t need.

Remember, when you choose a LASIK surgeon, you are not only paying for the moment the laser is pointed at your eye. You are also paying for a thorough diagnosis, the experience of the physician, safe and modern technology, and the time your surgeon will spend with you determining which laser vision correction procedure is most appropriate for you. At Brinton Vision, your LASIK cost also covers before- and after-care by your surgeon, not just their assistants.

Will my insurance cover the cost of laser eye surgery?

Insurance companies do not cover LASIK. If your insurance does, we will accept their payment. In nearly 15 years of practice, Dr. Brinton has yet to see an insurance company pay for LASIK.

We sometimes hear of insurance companies claiming to give a 15%, 25%, or $1000 discount on LASIK. This is a sales tactic that most of our patients are smart enough to see through. Patients repeatedly tell us that the “insurance discount price” is the same as the “friends and family price” that the guy before them in line got just for asking. Our patients appreciate the fact that we are not a discount eye surgery center and don’t play these games.

How can I pay for LASIK eye surgery?

Most LASIK surgery centers in St. Louis will take all standard forms of payment (cash, check, and credit card). Brinton Vision will also work with your Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Heath Reimbursement Account (HRA), and Medical Savings Account (MSA), as well as multiple financing companies to offer monthly payment options that will fit most budgets.

Monthly payment options

Our most popular options are:

  • Zero down payment & 0% for 24 Months
  • Zero down payment & low monthly payments with fixed interest rate for 60 months

Our staff can provide details upon request.

Can I use a medical savings account for LASIK?

Many businesses offer their employees a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account (FSA or HSA) to cover copays and out-of-pocket health and medical expenses. Vision correction procedures such as LASIK are approved for 2020 under most of these plans. You can put up to $2,750 annually into an FSA, tax free, and $7,100 per family into an HSA.

Is LASIK tax deductible?

The IRS considers vision correction surgery an IRS qualified, tax-deductible medical expense. This ruling may give you an additional income tax deduction if you have a procedure performed. Consult your tax advisor for details.

See how LASIK is a great investment!

At Brinton Vision, our fees are all-inclusive, transparent and affordable. Want to learn more about the affordability of LASIK? Start with a thorough Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis to see if you’re a candidate; we can help you with payment and financing options. Call 314.375.2020.

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