Brinton Vision Testimonials

Dr. Haring, OD

Everybody touches you here, from the surgery staff to reception at the front. It was a great experience.

Dr. Haring, OD

Dr. Secoy, OD

It is very nice to wake up in the morning and just be able to see clearly without the need for glasses or contacts

Dr. Secoy, OD

Gary V

When Gary accidentally shot a pheasant hen because he could no longer see colors, he knew something needed to change. He came to Brinton Vision, where he underwent Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE). Now, not only can he see with new clarity, he’ll never have to have cataract surgery.

Susan B

Susan had been to a few doctors receiving the same results. And every time Susan went she kept saying, “I can’t see, I can’t see.” They gave Susan a prescription and kept saying it was the best that they could do. When Susan came into Brinton Vision and found out that she could have everything to fit her vision needs. Listen to Susan’s story about her visual journey.

Jack S

Jack spends much of his time helping others through his work at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, yet when it came to his vision, he’d all but resigned himself to struggling with glasses. Legally blind in one eye, he heard that Brinton Vision had solutions for people like him who are not good candidates for LASIK. Now, after having Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), not only can he lose his glasses for good, he will never have to lose his vision to cataracts.

Kate B

Kate had perfect vision as a child both distance and up close. After 45 years of perfect vision to go from that to not being able to read a 12 point type on a computer or see her phone without aid. Kate searched for a solution to improve her vision. Kate’s solution upon her renewed vision made a turn to Brinton Vision.

David C

David Cheshire became the first patient in the US to receive the newly FDA approved Visian Toric ICL earlier this week at Brinton Vision. Watch him share his exciting journey to visual freedom.


Lana S

Lana wanted to find the best LASIK in St. Louis, but what she found was even better for her unique eyes. Dr. Jason Brinton provided Lana with Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) at Brinton Vision, a quick procedure used to treat over-40 vision, and now Lana has her Superwoman vision back!

JULY, 2018

Trevor S

Trevor was tired of glasses and contacts getting in the way of his competitive lifestyle. After doing his homework, he found Brinton Vision. Trevor advanced his competitive spirit with the ICL procedure.

JUNE, 2018

Tim H

Tim wanted to find the best LASIK in St. Louis, but what he found was even better for his unique eyes. Dr. Jason Brinton provided Tim with Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) at Brinton Vision, a quick procedure used to treat over-40 vision, and now Tim sees what he’d been missing!

Thomas G

Refractive Lens Exchange may not have improved Thomas’s golf game, but at least he can see where his shots are going! Thomas came to Brinton Vision for Lasik in St. Louis when he started really struggling to see menus, read, and drive at night. Thanks to Dr. Jason Brinton and RLE, not only can he see well, he will never have to worry about cataracts fogging up his vision.

Martina M

After being told she wasn’t a candidate for LASIK years ago, Martina had given up hope that she could ever be free from her strong prescription glasses. But she didn’t give up.

MARCH, 2017

105.7 The Point’s Scott “Rizz” Rizzuto and Wife Emilia

We get a lot of colorful people at Brinton Vision, but few are more fun than 105.7 The Point’s Scott Rizzuto and his wife Emilia. Emilia didn’t think she could ever lose her glasses for good, and for many years, she struggled with poor vision. Now, thanks to Dr. Jason Brinton, going to the movies and out to dinner is better than ever. Who knows, Emilia may just become the fighter pilot she’s always wanted to be!


Dr. Nathan F

When other doctors and surgeons need LASIK in St. Louis, they turn to Dr. Jason Brinton at Brinton Vision. Find out why from cardiologist Dr. Nathan Frogge, whose life-long dependence on glasses ended when he had LASIK.

MARCH, 2018

Jessica R

For many years, Jessica thought she would always have to wear glasses or contacts. When her dad heard that Brinton Vision could help many people who have been told they are not candidates for LASIK, she had nothing to lose. She found she was a candidate for Visian ICL, and it’s changed her life.

May, 2018

Jake A

When Jake was looking for the best LASIK, St Louis wasn’t really on his list. Still, he drove more than five hours from Iowa to see Dr. Jason Brinton at Brinton Vision. Right after surgery, he could already see better than 20/20. Brinton Vision helped him to see John Deere Green more clearly than ever!


Ginger M

Ginger had glasses since she was 4 years old and thought she’d never break free. Then she found Brinton Vision and a permanent solution. Because Dr. Brinton uses the latest in laser technology, he had the ability to correct her strong prescription. Now she sees better than ever!

November, 2017

Chelsea C

Chelsea was tired of glasses and contacts, so she wanted to find the best ICL in St Louis. After doing her homework, she found Brinton Vision. What she has to say left us without a dry eye in the house!

May, 2018

Barbara B

When PGA golfer Barb realized she could no longer see the golf ball, she sought out the best LASIK surgeon St. Louis has to offer. She found Brinton Vision, and she couldn’t be happier after her Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) procedure.