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Brinton Vision Testimonials

Gary V

For Gary, hunting was no longer fun because he was losing his ability to see colors. When he accidentally shot a pheasant hen, he knew it was time to come to Brinton Vision. Now, with RLE, a cataract surgery alternative, he’s back in the woods with newfound confidence.

David C

David is a truck driver whose poor vision was putting him in danger on the road. He became the first person in the United States to receive Visian Toric ICL, and he got the procedure at Brinton Vision.

Susan B

Susan has an embroidery business, and she was struggling to thread her needles. Every time she got a new glasses prescription, they just weren’t doing the trick. Now, thanks to RLE, she is seeing all she’d been missing. Learn more about her journey here.

Dr. Secoy, OD

Finding the best LASIK surgeon in St. Louis can be a challenge, even when you are an optometrist! Dr. Brinton is doing procedures that no one else in town is doing and that’s really what drew me to him.

Dr. Benjamin T Secoy, OD
Manchester Eye Care, Ballwin, MO

Bob M

After decades in contact lenses, Bob searched around the country for two years to find the best LASIK. St. Louis-based Brinton Vision was the answer to his wish for visual freedom.

Angie B

When Angela’s daughters were younger, she used to color-code them at the pool so she could tell them apart. After 36 years of very poor vision, she was heartbroken when another LASIK provider told her she was not a candidate. Then she came to Brinton Vision and found hope in Visian ICL.