LASIK Surgeon Dr. Jason Brinton Interviewed on CNN’s HLN

Dr. Brinton was asked to speak about LASIK with Robin Meade, the host of CNN’s national HLN Morning Express show. Transcription of the Interview: Robin Meade (host of CNN’s HLN news program): What should you know before deciding to have LASIK eye surgery? Well, the FDA has drafted a checklist to make sure people know …

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Newsmax shares Dr. Jason Brinton’s Quarantine Eye Strain Avoidance Advice

Sheltering in place has significant health benefits when avoiding or helping to contain COVID-19. However, there are challenges and eyestrain is one such ailment that is increasing significantly due to a surge in screen time. To help us navigate a safe passage through our quarantine without impediment of eye strain, Newsmax is sharing Dr. Jason …

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Byrdie Blue Light Filtering Interview with Dr. Jason Brinton

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Dr. Jason Brinton was recently interview by Byrdie, a prominent health and beauty website, about the effects of blue light and its relation to our sleep patterns. “Most medical experts recommend limiting screen time late in the evening and prior to bed (up to two hours prior to bed in some studies) as blue light from our …

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