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Discover the Glowing Reviews That Make Brinton Vision the Clear Choice for Life-Changing Vision in the Midwest

You want the freedom to see clearly and enjoy life without limitations. We get it – sifting through 1200+ reviews is tough when you just want the key facts to decide where to get your vision correction procedure.

After analyzing the most repeated comments within reviews of Brinton Vision, here are the Top 7 reasons this is clearly the top choice in the Midwest to start your journey to life-changing visual freedom

Professional and caring staff

Reviewers highlighted how friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive the staff at Brinton Vision are. Several people mentioned the staff going above and beyond to make patients comfortable.

Life-changing results

Numerous patients reported seeing better than 20/20 after their procedures. Many described the experience as “life-changing” and wished they had done it sooner.

Painless, quick procedures

Multiple reviews stated the actual laser procedures were quick (15 minutes or less) and relatively painless. Patients felt at ease during surgery.

Cutting-edge technology and facilities

Brinton Vision was repeatedly praised for using top-of-the-line diagnostic technology and having beautiful, spa-like facilities. This created confidence in patients.

Personalized care from Dr. Brinton

Dr. Jason Brinton received consistent praise for taking the time to explain procedures, being passionate about patients’ outcomes, and calling patients personally after procedures to check on them. This personal touch mattered to patients.

Best variety of procedures to fit patients’ eyes

Unlike some providers offering only LASIK, Brinton Vision provides multiple types of vision correction procedures (7 total). Reviews highlighted how Dr. Brinton selects the ideal procedure for each patient’s eyes.

Would highly recommend Brinton Vision to others

Nearly every patient review stated they would recommend Brinton Vision to friends and family for laser vision correction. Some have already referred multiple people after having positive experiences.

See Clearer With Complete Transparency

At Brinton Vision, we believe you deserve complete confidence when correcting your vision.

That’s why we proudly share real patient reviews detailing our personalized care and life-changing results.

Unlike clinics hiding negative feedback, we share reviews transparently on third-party sites like Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD. We have nothing to hide when it comes to our years of refractive excellence, cutting-edge diagnostics, and our renowned LASIK surgeon.

By seeing patients’ perspectives firsthand, you can discover what makes Brinton Vision unique. Learn how we handcraft premium vision using compassionate medical expertise that mass-market LASIK mills can’t match.

Our 1,600+ five-star St. Louis area reviewers highlight how we fit our revolutionary vision solutions to your unique eyes. You’ll find peace of mind from their stories of our transparent, trust-building journey together toward your renewed vision.

We gladly back up our promises with real patient perspectives. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities or book a life-enhancing consultation. The path to clear eyesight starts with an enlightening conversation where we prioritize your questions over profits.