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Donna T

The appreciation Donna has for the eyesight from the RLE procedure is beautifully expressed in the story she tells. Listen to how renewwed visual clarity provided by Brinton Vision changed her life.


Michael K

Mike was struggling with presbyopia, or “over 40” vision, and had been thinking about a vision correction procedure for a while. His optometrist told him to come to Brinton Vision, and that decision changed his life. Now, thanks to Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), he is seeing more clearly than ever without glasses or contacts.

April 2019

Michael K

Kathy A

Kathy’s glasses were coming between her and her grandchildren. She couldn’t cuddle on the couch without bumping her frames, and she couldn’t fall asleep with them at night. She wanted the best LASIK doctor in St. Louis, so she came to Brinton Vision. Thanks to RLE, not only can she see colors and read signs without glasses or contacts, she can also snuggle as closely as she wants with her littlest loves.

March 2019

Kathy A

Tim H

Tim wanted to find the best LASIK in St. Louis, but what he found was even better for his unique eyes. Dr. Jason Brinton provided Tim with Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) at Brinton Vision, a quick procedure used to treat over-40 vision, and now Tim sees what he’d been missing!


Kevin Z

When another LASIK provider told Kevin he was not a candidate, he didn’t give up. He found RLE at Brinton Vision, and now he is seeing better than ever without having to rely on glasses or contacts.


Susan B

Susan has an embroidery business, and she was struggling to thread her needles. Every time she got a new glasses prescription, they just weren’t doing the trick. Now, thanks to RLE, she is seeing all she’d been missing. Learn more about her journey here.


Kate B

After 45 years of perfect vision, Kate was having difficulty making out the words on her phone and computer. She turned to Brinton Vision for Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE).


Jerry Broadway

Broadway from the Bud and Broadway Show of New Country 92.3 FM, had vision issues that needed a special type of care. Broadway wanted to be rid of readers and contacts so he could perform his duties as an amazing radio broadcaster. Listen to Broadway’s story of the help provided by Brinton Vision.

August 2018

Jerry Broadway

Lana S

Lana wanted to find the best LASIK in St. Louis, but what she found was even better for her unique eyes. Dr. Jason Brinton provided Lana with Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) at Brinton Vision, a quick procedure used to treat over-40 vision, and now Lana has her Superwoman vision back!

JULY 2018

Thomas G

Refractive Lens Exchange may not have improved Thomas’s golf game, but at least he can see where his shots are going! Thomas came to Brinton Vision for Lasik in St. Louis when he started really struggling to see menus, read, and drive at night. Thanks to Dr. Jason Brinton and RLE, not only can he see well, he will never have to worry about cataracts fogging up his vision.

APRIL 2018

Jack S

Whether he was making a positive difference at St. Louis Children’s Hospital or spending time with his family, Jack’s vision was holding him back. He was legally blind in one eye and had been told in the past he was not a candidate for LASIK. He heard about the six safe, proven LASIK alternatives at Brinton Vision and decided to give it a try. Now Jack can envision the world clearly, naturally, and the way he’s always wanted.

MARCH 2018

Barbara B

Barbara is a PGA golf pro, but she was struggling to see the ball. When a friend posted about their RLE procedure on Facebook, she thought Dr. Brinton could help her, too. Now she’s seeing clearly and naturally, and she can watch her golf ball fly!


Kevin M

Kevin had great vision until he entered his 40s. When he started making mistakes at work because he couldn’t read small print, he knew he needed to make a change. He had RLE at Brinton Vision, and now he is seeing better than ever.


Dr. Haring, OD

Finding the best LASIK surgeon in St. Louis to correct his presbyopia was a no-brainier for optometrist Dr. Stephen Haring, OD, of West County Eyecare. Dr. Haring takes a lot of pride in providing friendly, knowledgeable, and personalized care to his own patients. He wanted to find a surgeon he could trust and who treated him with the same level of professionalism that he expects from himself. He found Brinton Vision, and thanks to RLE, he now has better-than 20/20 vision.

JUNE 2017

Dr. Stephen E Haring, OD
West County EyeCare, Manchester, MO

Lillie C

JUNE 2017
Lillie Cooper

Gary V

For Gary, hunting was no longer fun because he was losing his ability to see colors. When he accidentally shot a pheasant hen, he knew it was time to come to Brinton Vision. Now, with RLE, a cataract surgery alternative, he’s back in the woods with newfound confidence.