Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

Donna T

The appreciation Donna has for the eyesight from the RLE procedure is beautifully expressed in the story she tells. Listen to how renewwed visual clarity provided by Brinton Vision changed her life.


Michael K

Mike was struggling with presbyopia, or “over 40” vision, and had been thinking about a vision correction procedure for a while. His optometrist told him to come to Brinton Vision, and that decision changed his life. Now, thanks to Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), he is seeing more clearly than ever without glasses or contacts.

April 2019

Michael K

Kathy A

Kathy’s glasses were coming between her and her grandchildren. She couldn’t cuddle on the couch without bumping her frames, and she couldn’t fall asleep with them at night. She wanted the best LASIK doctor in St. Louis, so she came to Brinton Vision. Thanks to RLE, not only can she see colors and read signs without glasses or contacts, she can also snuggle as closely as she wants with her littlest loves.

March 2019

Kathy A

Kevin Z

When another LASIK provider told Kevin he was not a candidate, he didn’t give up. He found RLE at Brinton Vision, and now he is seeing better than ever without having to rely on glasses or contacts.


Kevin M

Kevin had great vision until he entered his 40s. When he started making mistakes at work because he couldn’t read small print, he knew he needed to make a change. He had RLE at Brinton Vision, and now he is seeing better than ever.


Bob M

After decades in contact lenses, Bob searched around the country for two years to find the best LASIK. St. Louis-based Brinton Vision was the answer to his wish for visual freedom.