Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

Sam D.

Sam elaborates on her experience at Brinton Vision in St. Louis, MO, talking about how burdensome contact lenses were, the level of patient care she received, and how amazing life without contacts is.

Kazia S.

Kazia describes her experience at Brinton Vision, from the very moment she walked in, to how she’s seeing now. Before laying down on the laser bed, she couldn’t see anything. As soon as she sat up after treatment, she could easily see across the room. Regarding the patient care at Brinton Vision, she states “it just felt like you were home and you were in a space you were supposed to be in.”

Matt H.

After an injury impeded Matt’s vision, contacts and glasses became foundational in his life. Matt considered other St. Louis LASIK providers but he wanted the best and chose Brinton Vision. Listen to Matt’s story towards visual freedom.

Debbie A

Debbie is a professional golfer, and poor vision began affecting her game. She’d already had RK surgery and didn’t think she’d be a candidate for another procedure. Then she came to Brinton Vision, and that all changed.