Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

Chloe E

Chloe found out she needed glasses when she was 8-years-old. If she lost her contacts or glasses, she couldn’t find her way around in the morning or drive.


Selma O

Selma had visual issues in her beginning stages of life. From glasses to contacts, Selma wanted to have the visual clarity to help with her everyday life. With the ICL procedure, Selma now has the vision she’s always wanted.

APRIL 2019

Ryan S

Ryan is a construction worker that has been challenged with issues with vision. Contacts and glasses truly was a problem for Ryan to perform his duties.


Daphanie B

Daphanie has been in contacts and glasses since she was 14 years old. Daphanie has struggled with many vision issues that has been a growing pain to enjoy life.


Leah J

Leah went from one of our medical staff to one of our patients. Leah trusted the staff and doctors to provide the best service in vision care. Leah has been all smiles since getting the Visian ICL procedure. Listen to her story, in the pursuit of visual clarity and the vision she has always wanted.

July 2019

Jamie J

Jamie was grateful that she was able to have the Visian ICL procedure done at Brinton Vision that has freed her of glasses and contacts. Jamie’s new vision allows her to do everything that previously held her back. Listen to Jamie’s story towards her new found visual freedom provided by Brinton Vision.

June 2019