Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

Trevor S

Trevor was tired of glasses and contacts getting in the way of his competitive lifestyle. After doing his homework, he found Brinton Vision. Trevor advanced his competitive spirit with the ICL procedure.

JUNE 2018

Dianne C

Dianne is a well-known videographer who has captured many memorable St. Louis moments. Dianne’s ability to ply her trade was interrupted by the use of contacts and glasses. With the help of Dr. Brinton and the Brinton Vision team, Dianne finally has the visual freedom she desired.

May 2018

Jessica R

Jessica had been told she was not a candidate for LASIK and lost hope that she’d ever had clear, natural vision. Then she came to Brinton Vision, and Visian ICL changed her life.

MAY 2018

Chelsea C

Chelsea was tired of glasses and contacts, so she wanted to find the best ICL in St Louis. After doing her homework, she found Brinton Vision. What she has to say left us without a dry eye in the house!

MAY 2018

Becky B

Becky is ready for life without contacts and glasses. As an educator, Becky was looking for the clarity that contacts and glasses couldn’t provide. Her search brought her to Visian ICL at Brinton Vision. Listen to Becky’s journey to visual freedom.

March 2018

Angie B

When Angela’s daughters were younger, she used to color-code them at the pool so she could tell them apart. After 36 years of very poor vision, she was heartbroken when another LASIK provider told her she was not a candidate. Then she came to Brinton Vision and found hope in Visian ICL.

JUNE 2017