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Jake A

When Jake was looking for the best LASIK, St Louis wasn’t really on his list. Still, he drove more than five hours from Iowa to see Dr. Jason Brinton at Brinton Vision. Right after surgery, he could already see better than 20/20. Brinton Vision helped him to see John Deere Green more clearly than ever!


Ginger M

Ginger had glasses since she was 4 years old and thought she’d never break free. Then she found Brinton Vision and a permanent solution. Because Dr. Brinton uses the latest in laser technology, he had the ability to correct her strong prescription. Now she sees better than ever!

November 2017

Jason L

As a busy dad, Jason didn’t have time to worry about contact lenses. Thanks to SBK LASIK, he now sees better than 20/20.

Omar G

Omar has spent his career in the military, and he wanted clear, natural vision. Like many people, he was fearful of having a procedure done to his eyes, but our Brinton Vision team made him feel confident in his decision. Now, after SBK LASIK, he’s seeing the world the way he’s always wanted to.

Jordan B

Jordan wanted the best surgeon she could find when it came to her eyes, so she flew all the way from Michigan to have LASIK. Her only regret is that she didn’t do it sooner.

Andrew M

Riding a motorcycle was a struggle for Andrew because his glasses kept getting in the way. After 18 years of struggles, he called Brinton Vision. Now, after his quick and easy SBK LASIK procedure, he has the freedom to enjoy the ride.

Lesli B

Lesli wanted only the best when it came to caring for her vision, so she came to Brinton Vision. The day after her SBK LASIK procedure, she was able to watch every play as the St. Louis Cardinals pulled out a win.

Dr. Secoy, OD

Finding the best LASIK surgeon in St. Louis can be a challenge, even when you are an optometrist! Dr. Ben Secoy of Manchester Eye Care chose Dr. Jason Brinton and the Brinton Vision team for his SBK LASIK procedure. Find out why here.

JANUARY 15, 2019

Dr. Benjamin T Secoy, OD
Manchester Eye Care, Ballwin, MO

105.7 The Point’s Scott “Rizz” Rizzuto and Wife Emilia

We get a lot of colorful people at Brinton Vision, but few are more fun than 105.7 The Point’s Scott Rizzuto and his wife Emilia. Emilia didn’t think she could ever lose her glasses for good, and for many years, she struggled with poor vision. Now, thanks to Dr. Jason Brinton, going to the movies and out to dinner is better than ever. Who knows, Emilia may just become the fighter pilot she’s always wanted to be!


Cindy C

Cindy loves riding motorcycles and waterskiing, but glasses and contacts were holding her back. She came to Brinton Vision for SBK LASIK, and she now has the freedom to see life in a whole new light.

Dr. Nathan F

When other doctors and surgeons need LASIK in St. Louis, they turn to Dr. Jason Brinton at Brinton Vision. Find out why from cardiologist Dr. Nathan Frogge, whose life-long dependence on glasses ended when he had LASIK.

MARCH 2018