Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis BVOA FAQs. Frequently asked questions about LASIK consultation.

How can I get a copy of my records?

Patients who would like to request a copy of their records can do so by sending a written request to [email protected] Medical records requests require payment of a $25 processing fee for each file per MO Rev Stat § 191.227. Payment is required prior to processing. Please allow 1-2 weeks

How can I get a copy of my records?2019-05-02T09:16:13-06:00

Once I get a BVOA, how long are my results valid?

Your Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis results are valid for three months. That means that, if you do plan to have LASIK or any other procedure, you will need to schedule it within that timeframe. If you plan to wait longer, the BVOA will be repeated prior to surgery. This is because eye conditions can change. We will not perform surgery on someone without taking the steps needed to ensure accurate results.

Once I get a BVOA, how long are my results valid?2017-08-17T14:33:49-06:00

How much would a Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis cost if you billed insurance?

If we were to bill out to insurance for the testing and consultation involved in a BVOA, the cost in 2017 would be $638.20. (Breakdown available upon request.) We only charge $120 because we want to let patients see for themselves how clearly they can see after surgery and how life-changing the whole process can be.

How much would a Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis cost if you billed insurance?2017-08-07T08:02:16-06:00

Why does Brinton Vision charge for a consultation?

Some LASIK chains perform LASIK with only a minimal screening exam. The screening may involve the following: – Minimal technology — usually one or two devices that may not be up-to-date. – You may have no contact with your surgeon; in many cases your surgeon and surgery team fly in and fly out from another city or state for the day of surgery, without an overnight in town. – Tasks are delegated to assistants. Your surgeon may take a minimal role or no role in ensuring the quality of your process, other than firing the laser. – You may not meet your surgeon until you are about to be taken back for your laser procedure or when you are lying on the surgery bed. These are not bad surgeons, but the process is depersonalized and is driven by a different patient care philosophy. Our approach is distinct. We invite you to come in and experience the difference for yourself. We use only the most advanced, proven technology for a thorough diagnostic workup we call the Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis (BVOA), which includes seven of the most modern diagnostic instruments found anywhere in the world. This is much different than the quick screening exam you may find at a big box LASIK center in St. Louis. We block out 90 minutes of medical technician time for each BVOA. Thirty minutes of that time includes discussing your diagnostics and options in a personal consultation with your surgeon, Dr. Brinton.

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What about macular degeneration?

In its early “dry” stages, macular degeneration can be mild and not bothersome. In its advanced “wet” stages it can be devastating and can even lead to blindness. We recommend contacting a retina specialist in your community if you are seeking treatment for macular degeneration.

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