I am actually, interestingly enough, having a really hard time breaking the habit of taking contacts out every night, when I’m going to bed. I have to like stop myself from walking into the bathroom to take out contacts that aren’t there.

I get in bed and think, ‘I can still see, I forgot to take my contacts out,’ and I go to get up, and I think, ‘wait, just kidding. I can see, and I don’t have contacts in.’ It’s amazing.

Hi, my name is Leah, and I had the ICL procedure here at Brinton Vision.

My vision was a really bad before I came here. Um, let’s see. I saw, I think they measured it to be like 20/700 instead of like 20/20. So the letters on the screen had to be like this big around for me to be able to see, which was really insane.

Um, but I’ve been like that for the majority of my life. Um, I started wearing glasses in second grade, and things just escalated. So I, I’ve had horrible vision since really, as long as I can remember.

I mostly wore contacts. I wear contacts pretty much every day for 20 years. So in addition to being an employee at Brinton Vision, I chose to be a patient at Brinton Vision, because I understand the quality of care that goes behind, um, every move that any one of these staff members make for their patients. Um, I knew I was going to be in really great hands.

Right now, I can see the bottom line on the chart. I can read 20/10. Um, so the teeniest tiniest letters that we have that are measurable, I can see.

Dr. Tersigni, uh, did an amazing job with my procedure and has been so kind. And he did a wonderful job educating me, and I just felt really, really comfortable. And they’ve walked me through the entire process. And it’s been really fun to share, um, with my friends and coworkers.

I had so many people help me in this process along the way. From, you know, someone at the front desk to, uh, the surgeons, the surgery texts, medical texts. I had just a wonderful experience all around.

I didn’t encounter a single person that wasn’t just incredibly excited for me, um, which really filled me with a lot of confidence. If you were on the fence about having a procedure, just come in, have the analysis appointment, just learn.

Um, and once you hear the things that are possible for you, the things that, uh, they can provide for you, it’s a no brainer. Um, the options they can give you are amazing. And I am living proof that you can go from 20/700 to 20/10 in just a matter of weeks.