Hi, my name is Chloe I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. And I had the ICL in St. Louis at Brinton Vision.

I found out I needed glasses when I was eight years old. And, um, from, I went from seeing clearly to being practically blind, to the point where I could not see without glasses or I could not see without contacts. I was, if I lost my contacts, I was blind. I wouldn’t be able to drive. I couldn’t get through my own house. If I misplaced my glasses, I would have to put in my contacts to find my glasses.

I was just very dependent. I couldn’t get up in the morning without needing some help to even just get to the bathroom. You know, I still wanted to do stuff and I just always had to be like, okay, well, do I have extra contacts? Do I have my glasses? Do I have fluid? Do I have my glasses? My glasses case, I have my contact case. It was always like, do I have this plethora of things to go do something relatively regular to just get through one day.

One of our good friends did his surgery at Brinton Vision, and we had similar poor eyesight. Um, so I basically just kind of went off of his experience and trusted his expertise as far as knowing why he chose somewhere to come. So, um, I went and looked into Brinton vision. I had my consult, and when I learned that I really wasn’t a candidate for anything with the laser. And I had to do ICL or pretty much nothing else. Then I felt like this was the place that I needed to be.

You walk in and you feel pretty instantly comfortable. Um, they offer you water and snacks and they’re, they’re really trying to just make you feel comfortable. And like, you can trust these people. They make me laugh. They laugh at my horrible jokes and I was just like, okay, I’m at home here. And they’ll help me get my vision under control.

Dr. Tersigni did my right eye. And Dr. Brinton did my left eye. They were amazing. Healing of my eye was so smooth for both eyes. And it was amazing to come out of that procedure. And we were driving home and I could, I could see the license plate knowing that there was nothing on my face. My husband was clear for the first time ever. And we’ve been together almost 11 years. So it was just like this instant, like, wow, these doctors like did that.

My vision is beyond amazing. I did not realize that vision could be this good because I’ve been in glasses and contacts for so long. So I look forward to what I can do in the future. Um, I can go skiing and not have to worry about contact lenses. I can go scuba diving and I have to worry about contact lenses.

I feel relieved that I don’t have to be dependent on glasses anymore, but at the same time, like since it’s been four months and I haven’t really thought back about them, they’re, they’re just a thing of the past and I’m happy to be out of them. It’s nice to wake up and just see stuff. Yeah.