Are you a water skier considering LASIK?

Jump in with both feet! Planning to cool off with some water skiing in St. Louis to beat the heat this summer? How about hopping over to Dunlap, Lake St. Louis, or Carlyle Lake for a day with the boat for some floating, and skiing? Sounds exciting, get packing! Swimsuits and towels. Check. Sunscreen. Check. …

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Jimmy Fallon Surprises Taylor Swift with Secret Post-LASIK Video

Taylor Swift LASIK

Taylor Swift’s LASIK eye surgery meltdown is so delightfully bananas, we had to share it. The super-secret post-LASIK video her mom shared with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is infinitely “a-peeling” – and it’s a teachable moment. If you’re considering vision correction in St. Louis, Brinton Vision can help you determine which procedure you’re a …

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Brinton Vision Celebrates St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Win

Brinton Vision with Stanley Cup

St. Louis Blues fans have been in a steady state of glee over the home team’s Stanley Cup victory since May – we’re no exception. And, like many hockey fans in Missouri, Brinton Vision LASIK staffers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Lord Stanley Cup. We finally got our chance on September 25 …

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Top 7 Things to See Clearly in 2020 After Having LASIK in St. Louis

St. Louis LASIK patients enjoy sights like the Capital Building and the iconic Arch better after vision correction.

“Brinton Vision has totally changed my life. I went from not seeing my hand in front of my face to perfect vision. The best feeling was throwing away those glasses. Shapes are sharper and colors more vivid. Don’t wait to change your life. Brinton is fantastic.” – Kathy A., recipient of St. Louis LASIK alternative …

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5 Things You Need to Know About Having Astigmatism

5 Things You Need to Know About Having Astigmatism If you’ve ever been to the eye doctor, you may have been told you have astigmatism. Hearing for the first time that you have astigmatism can be quite a scary diagnosis if you don’t know what it is. This article will share a few common facts …

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