How Long Does LASIK Last?

How long does lasik last?

How long do the results of LASIK last? LASIK refractive surgery is used to permanently reshape the cornea of the eye to correct imperfections that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This is accomplished with an excimer laser that is able to make corrections as small as 0.25 microns, or about one 1/4000th the size of …

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How Long Does LASIK Surgery Take?

How long does lasik take?

How long does LASIK surgery take? What is a Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis? How long will I be at the eye surgery center for my LASIK procedure? How long will I be off work after LASIK? How long does LASIK surgery take? We often get the question, “How long will my LASIK surgery take?” While …

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Can LASIK Make You Go Blind?

lasik make you go blind

If you’ve considered getting LASIK in Saint Louis, perhaps the following question has entered your mind: Can LASIK make you go blind? This is among the most common questions patients ask about LASIK surgery … and it’s a golden opportunity to put fears to rest. It’s normal for patients to feel anxiety about any surgical …

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Who Is a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

who is a a candidate for lasik

LASIK eye surgery has helped millions of people worldwide achieve life-changing visual freedom. Surgical procedures are used to correct a range of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism – but these conditions alone won’t necessarily qualify you for refractive surgery. An eye surgery specialist must consider a number of factors when making the …

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How Much Does LASIK Cost?

how much does lasik cost?

One of the questions any LASIK eye surgeon is bound to get is “How much does LASIK cost?” You may be shocked to know that LASIK and vision correction prices nationwide span a broad range from $250 per eye to $9,000 per eye. Why the huge gap? If the surgeon or their LASIK facility only …

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