Dr. Adam Wira joined 23 other St. Louis eye doctors in observing Dr. Brinton perform an implantable contact lens, or EVO ICL procedure. Afsheen, Dr. Wira’s wife, was the patient during the observed procedure. Here’s her experience in her own words.

Hi, I’m Afsheen from St. Louis, Missouri and I had the Evo ICL procedure at Brinton Vision in St. Louis.

My vision growing up was awful. I had a prescription when I was about four or five years old, and I’ve been wearing glasses ever since. I wanted to get vision correction because I was so sick and tired of wearing my glasses and my contacts. I just knew I needed something better than what I had.

Well, my husband’s an-  an optometrist, so he has been the one that’s been battling with me this entire time with my glasses and my contacts. And we had talked about LASIK. We had talked about different options and I actually saw an ad for the implantable contact lens online and I had asked Adam about it and he’s like, you know, I really don’t know too much, but I do know someone who knows about it. And so he had talked to Dr. Brinton and came to one of his seminars and really thought that it would be something that would be good for my eyes that would work.

And then so I started researching into Dr. Brinton and I saw that he’s so amazing and his reviews are so good and there’s just something very trusting about him in his face and his just knowledge. So when I met him the first time, I was just like, yep, he’s the one. I, you know, I don’t even need to go look anywhere else cuz there’s just something about him that just felt right.

The surgical experience was awesome actually. It really, it was different. I had 25 doctors look into my eyes after, before and after the surgery. So it was different just in the fact that, you know, there was a lot of people really interested in learning what was happening with the procedure and what my, my response would be and how I felt through it so that way they could convey that to other people. But the surgery was so fast, like it was such an easy experience to go through, even with 50 eyes watching me during it.  <laugh>

To wake up the next morning and just be able to open my eyes and see it was just surreal. And I said it to everyone when I came in here too, that it’s mind blowing that people have naturally good vision because I’ve never had that. So I never knew what it was like to just open your eyes and see clearly. So this was, it was just mind blowing to me and it’s just surreal still to this day that like I can open my eyes and I don’t have to do any external vision correction to be able to see clearly. It’s, it’s amazing.

The happiest thing that I’ve done since I’ve had vision correction was probably throw out my contacts <laugh> and get rid, donate my glasses cuz I just, that, that was the biggest burden that I had for the longest time.

I’m just like so forever grateful. Cuz this whole experience has been so cool and so nice and actually like very easy. I really thought that like the recovery and everything would be a lot worse or you know, like even the, the surgery itself. But it’s been really, really, really nice and I’m just so excited to like never have to wear glasses or contacts again.

My vision now is better than 20/20. I’ve been consistently reading better than 20/20 since I’ve had my surgery. If I ran into someone that was still wearing glasses I would tell them to come run to Dr. Brinton’s office and get an exam and see if the, you know, if they can have vision correction the way that I did because it’s, it’s life changing.

I definitely tell everyone about this and I say like, if there’s a place you’re gonna go, it’s gotta be here. So I would tell anyone and everyone to take off their glasses cuz life’s so much better on the outside.