Are You Awake During LASIK?

pic of patient eyes LASIK awake

Am I awake during LASIK? When we think of surgery, most of us immediately imagine getting put to sleep under general anesthesia. LASIK eye surgery is different in that patients remain fully awake for the procedure. Fear of pain or injury from sudden coughing or sneezing are two of the most common reasons for a …

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What happens if I blink during LASIK?

Blink during LASIK

No patient at Brinton Vision will ever have to find out what happens if they blink during their laser eye surgery because we take reliable measures to prevent it. If you’re considering a laser vision correction procedure, keep reading to find out how we keep you safe and comfortable throughout the experience. Many of the …

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Contacts vs. LASIK: Science now has the answer

LASIK vs contacts infection study

Is LASIK Better Than Wearing Contacts? It’s a question patients ask frequently: Which is better — contacts or LASIK? LASIK provides patients with clear, crisp vision without the (very real) hassle of contacts or glasses, but a new study published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery indicates that contact users have even more …

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7 Fall Dry-Eye Solutions

Fall Dry Eyes

Brinton Vision | Dry-Eye Solutions It’s that time of year when many LASIK patients coming through Brinton Vision’s doors are donning cable-knit, chunky scarves and the warm neutrals associated with fall. They may also be sporting bloodshot eyes, stringy or crusty mucus on the eyes and other symptoms of dry eye syndrome that frequently come …

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Newsmax shares Dr. Jason Brinton’s Quarantine Eye Strain Avoidance Advice

Sheltering in place has significant health benefits when avoiding or helping to contain COVID-19. However, there are challenges and eyestrain is one such ailment which is increasing significantly due to a surge in screen time. To help us navigate a safe passage through our quarantine without impediment of eye strain, Newsmax is sharing Dr. Jason …

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