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Nearsightedness and astigmatism are common problems, yet until now, many people who struggled with both were not candidates for laser vision correction procedures, such as LASIK. St. Louis is now on the cutting edge, thanks to the innovation and dedication of scientists and ophthalmologists all over the world. The Visian Toric Implantable Collamer Lens (Toric ICL) is providing a safe, proven treatment for people who struggle with the combination of severe myopia and steep astigmatism, and Brinton Vision was the first to use it in the U.S.

Other people who have been told they are not candidates in the past will also find that Visian Toric ICL is an effective solution. For example, it can help people who have thin corneas, large pupils and/or a history of dry eyes, and it can help patients who have a relatively common degenerative eye disease called keratoconus.

Unlike LASIK or SMILE, which can be used to treat nearsightedness and astigmatism, and unlike cataract surgery or RLE, in which tissue is removed from the lens of the eye, nothing is removed for Toric ICL. The implanted lens, made from Collamer, a collagen copolymer, is a removable option that offers lifelong vision correction.

Brinton Vision was the first provider in the United States to use
Visian Toric ICL, and is one of only a few providers nationwide to provide the expertise and technology to offer it as an effective LASIK alternative.

It’s part of the Brinton Vision mission to help as many people as possible improve their lives through the priceless gift of vision.

How Safe is Visian Toric ICL?

Visian Toric ICLThe United States Food and Drug Administration spent 14 years investigating Visian Toric ICL before its approval Sept. 13, 2018, making the United States the 64th country to authorize its use. October 22, 2018, Dr. Jason P. Brinton became the first American ophthalmologist to utilize this technology. It was a dream that was realized after years of research and successful implementation overseas.

Prior to U.S. FDA approval, Visian Toric ICL had been used successfully in 450,000 people worldwide. STAAR Surgical, which also created Visian ICL, is behind these life-changing lenses. Visian ICL, also made from biocompatible Collamer, has been safely and successfully used worldwide in well over one million patients. ICLs are proven, and our patients tell us that they improve their quality of life immeasurably.

Dr. Jason P. Brinton is the United States’ Number 1 expert on intraocular lenses, implanting more than any other ophthalmologist and providing hundreds of patients with the opportunity to experience life in ways they only dreamed.

Who is a Candidate for Visian Toric ICL?

Visian Toric ICLVisian Toric ICL can correct myopia from as low as -3.0 diopters to -16.0 diopters and reduce myopia from -16.0 diopters up to as high as -20.0 diopters with or without astigmatism. That’s a lot of technical jargon, but what it boils down to is that Visian Toric ICL can correct severe myopia and steep astigmatism—including for people who have been told they are not candidates for a procedure in the past.

You’re likely a good candidate for Visian Toric ICL if:

  • You have moderate to extreme nearsightedness
  • You have thin corneas and are not a LASIK candidate
  • You have a history of dry eye
  • You have large pupils

To find out if you are a candidate, schedule your comprehensive Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis today!

Visian ICL


What to Expect on Surgery Day

Visian Toric ICLYour procedure will take about 15 minutes; however, you should plan to be at Brinton Vision for approximately two hours, as we test you before and after the procedure. Come with a friend or family member who can drive you home, since your vision may be blurry in recovery.

Just as when you visit your optometrist for a routine eye exam, you don’t need to wear special clothing or change clothes on your procedure day. The only thing we will add to your ensemble is a blue cap, which you’ll wear during your procedure.

You’ll lie down on a comfortable bed and anesthetic drops will be used to numb your eye. A small, gentle eyelid holder will be put into place so that you do not need to worry about blinking during the procedure.

Once the Toric ICL procedure begins, it lasts only a few minutes. A small slit measuring about 3mm will be made to the side of the cornea. A Collamer lens designed for you is rolled up like a scroll and inserted through this slit. Small slits generally heal quickly, and vision is typically clear within a few hours of surgery. In the following days, it becomes even sharper with healing.

Extreme Clarity. Visian ICL

What Patients Have to Say…

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What to Expect After Visian Toric ICL

Visian Toric ICLFollowing your procedure, our experienced surgical technicians will provide you with instructions as well as eye shields to wear for the first week so that you don’t accidentally rub your eyes while you sleep.

Visian Toric ICL patients typically experience little if any discomfort during or after the procedure. Most patients are able to resume regular activities, including returning to work, the day after surgery.

A follow-up examination will be scheduled four hours after your procedure, as well as the morning after surgery so that Dr. Brinton or Dr. Poore can personally ensure that your new vision is progressing well.

Each Visian Toric lens is positioned behind the iris, the colored part of the eye. You will not be able to feel it or notice that it’s there. Unless you share it with others (and we hope you do), only your surgeon will be aware that vision correction has taken place.

Although the Visian Toric ICL is intended to remain in place permanently, a qualified ophthalmologist can remove or update the lens to meet changes is your vision needs or health circumstances.

EVO Visian Toric ICL

Dr. Brinton feels that FDA approval of Visian Toric ICL is a major step forward for refractive surgery options. The next lens to be approved by the FDA, currently in use in 63 countries worldwide, is the EVO Visian ICL. Brinton Vision is looking forward to being a leader in its launch as well.