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Some believe that if they just get a new pair of glasses with the “right prescription” that they will see comfortably and well despite having naturally poor eyesight. This is true some of the time but not all of the time. Patients with strong nearsighted and farsighted prescriptions – the patients who tend to seek us out here at Brinton Vision – will often not like the quality of their glasses vision even with the “right prescription.” Glasses for myopia can make the world look smaller and glasses for hyperopia can make the world look more magnified, leading to pincushion and barrel distortion, respectively. Astigmatism correction in lenses can cause distortions in the vision, particularly when one looks to the side. Even the correct glasses prescription can require several glasses re-makes when significant astigmatism is involved.

Beyond prescription, the following nine factors can also mean that even with the “right prescription” the resulting vision is suboptimal.

  1. Bifocal, trifocal, and progressive add power
  2. Bifocal, trifocal, and progressive add location and height
  3. Optical center of lenses
  4. Distance between lenses (often captured by “pupillary distance” or PD)
  5. Frame width
  6. Lens height
  7. Bridge size
  8. Temple arm dimensions
  9. Lens width
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Our testing is focused on obtaining the optimal prescription and other eye measurements for LASIK and vision correction surgery. When you’re measuring for a lifetime of vision correction, rather than a pair of glasses that will last a few years, the way you measure is different. Since our measurements for LASIK don’t always translate across to the right glasses prescription, we offer a “glasses check” visit where you can have various prescriptions tested in order to generate a more optimal glasses prescription. The charge for this visit is included in the reservation fee for your initial BVOA. These appointments are now scheduled online by clicking here:

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