swimming in the ocean with contacts
Contact lenses may be a step up from glasses in the heat of the summer, but there are some times when they’re simply not convenient. Let’s face it: St. Louis is a hot, humid place to do May through August. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into a swimming pool or whirring down a shade-filled bike path while the world around us swelters in the sun. At a time of year when all we want to do is shed the heaviness of winter fabrics, many of us are stuck with the burden of wearing contacts in the summer months.
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Eat healthy with this summertime pesto balsamic chicken recipe
Summertime is approaching quickly in St. Louis, and chances are good that, as beautiful weather invites us outdoors to hike, bike, swim, and play, we’re also in the mood to eat healthy. Better nutrition means that our bodies and brains function more efficiently. We feel better, and the added bonus of looking great doesn’t hurt, either! It is possible to eat healthy, delicious food, even on the go! This simple recipe for Summertime Pesto Balsamic Chicken is a great start. It’s packed with lean protein and essential vitamins and tastes delicious, too!   Summertime Pesto Balsamic Chicken  INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons olive
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