Leah’s ICL Story

Leah ICL Testimonial; Leah is a white woman with light brown, curled hair. She is shown from the shoulders up and is smiling at the camera in front of a plain white background. To her left, there is text that reads: "I can see the bottom line on the chart. I can read 20/10. So the tiniest letters that we have that are measurable. I can see!" Beneath that is additional text that reads: "Leah J./St. Louis, MO/ICL Patient" with the Brinton Vision logo beneath it.

I am actually, interestingly enough, having a really hard time breaking the habit of taking contacts out every night, when I’m going to bed. I have to like stop myself from walking into the bathroom to take out contacts that aren’t there. I get in bed and think, ‘I can still see, I forgot to …

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