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Visian ICL

Visian ICL

Implantable Collamer Lenses

No more blurry near-vision. No more readers.

Let’s face it: contact lenses can be a hassle. Putting them in, taking them out, and avoiding fun activities like swimming and wake boarding are not only inconvenient—contact lenses take away your freedom to enjoy the moment.

Brinton Vision is proud to be among the first in the United States to provide Visian ICL. These implantable collamer lenses, sometimes called implantable contact lenses, are the next generation in lens technology. Visian ICL lenses have been used safely and effectively in countries worldwide, but United States FDA approval has taken some time. Brinton Vision’s close partnership with Visian ICL maker, STAAR Surgical Company, has paved the way for us to lead the nation in providing this exciting LASIK alternative.

Is It Safe?

Visian ICL is proven and safe. It has been available in Europe since 2002, and the success rate is impressive. Like Visian ICL, is made from a biocompatible material called collamer. It works with your own body to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It is an especially good option for people who have been told they are not candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas, high astigmatism, or very strong prescriptions. Many St. Louis patients who qualify for LASIK can attain even better vision with Visian ICL. As an added bonus, patients are less likely to struggle with dry eyes following an ICL procedure compared with contact lenses, and other corrective options.


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