Cindy has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle, including riding motorcycles and water skiing. Enjoying these activities while wearing contacts was always a hassle until she had LASIK.

I’m Cindy Carter from Lake St. Louis, Missouri. I had my LASIK eye surgery at Brinton Vision in St. Louis.

Well, I’ve been wearing them since fourth grade, and I was blind since fourth grade, so the worst thing is if I didn’t put my glasses on the nightstand right in the same place when I woke up in the morning, I could not find them, and I would panic. I couldn’t see the glasses so that I couldn’t find them. I was like, “I’m going to have to put my contacts in to find my glasses!”

I’m very active outside, so contacts sometimes, like riding the motorcycle, I’d have to wear full goggles, which are hot and sweaty, which creates the whole other problem with the sweat getting in your contacts, but it’s better than the wind, I guess. Now I can just wear regular sunglasses.

Water skiing was horrible because the water splashes you in the face. Do I have a contact left? Did it splash out? Now I can see. No packing the extra glasses, the glass cases, the prescription sunglasses, contacts, contact solution. Now I just go. I love it.

Mostly, the fact that the older I get, I guess my eyes got a little drier. Contacts weren’t as comfortable. I couldn’t wear them all day anymore, so I was constantly switching contacts, glasses, contacts, glasses.

My husband did that. Oh, he did his research and decided that Brinton would probably be the best fit for us, as far as like he wanted to make sure it was done well and not just a cookie-cutter kind of procedure. He wanted a little more personal approach and a doctor that had a little bit better qualification, and a doctor that I would see every single time as a follow-up kind of thing. So he decided, and I’m very happy with his decision.

It’s great, I love it. I wished I had done it years and years and years ago. It’s at least worth checking it out to see if you’re a candidate. Everybody’s very, very nice, and very thorough. Everything was explained well. I wasn’t ever even scared or nervous once everything was laid out — how it was going to work, and the fact that people could watch it happen, I thought that was pretty cool. But overall, I’m just very, very happy.

Thank you, Dr. Brinton. You and your team are excellent. I am very happy with my results, and I will recommend you to everyone I see that has glasses on.

Dr. Jason P. Brinton is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of LASIK and refractive surgery. He is a graduate of Harvard College, earned his medical doctorate from the Harvard Medical School and is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.