LASIK Recovery and Aftercare St Louis: What to Expect

In ophthalmology today, there’s a procedure that not only improves visual perception but also the quality of life for countless individuals across the United States. The choice to get LASIK eye surgery often comes from a desire to experience the world without the barriers and inconvenience of glasses or a contact lens. At Brinton Vision, …

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LASIK Guarantees: What to Know

When it comes to enhancing vision, one procedure is often at the forefront: LASIK. This advanced vision correction procedure has transformed countless lives, providing a priceless gift – the gift of sight. Brinton Vision, a frontrunner in this transformative field, is dedicated to offering the best LASIK procedures in St. Louis, focusing solely on laser …

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Can I Use My HSA or FSA for LASIK?

Can I Use My HSA or FSA for LASIK?; piggy bank wearing a medical mask to the right, with stacks of coins beside it. Behind it are lit candles in the dark

You can pay for your LASIK procedure using pre-tax money through a tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which could result in saving 20–30% for those who qualify. The year 2023 is quickly approaching, so it’s time to schedule your LASIK consultation with Brinton Vision and start the new year with …

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5 facts about SMILE that’ll make you smile

Smile Eye Surgery

If you haven’t yet heard of SMILE eye surgery, perhaps that’s because it’s among the newest laser eye surgery options in St. Louis. SMILE is an acronym for “small incision lenticule extraction,” and is a form of laser eye surgery used to treat myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. It’s an alternative to LASIK, and St. Louis …

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5 questions your LASIK surgeon wants you to ask

Best LASIK surgeon St Louis

Looking for LASIK in St. Louis? Here’s what you should be asking. The Internet is an amazing thing. Thanks to dot coms, we now have an entire universe of information at our fingertips. Whether we want to find a recipe or figure out what’s causing that irritating rash, all we have to do is search …

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