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See the good in St. Louis LASIK Giveaway Shanshatara Baker

Shanshatara B.
Age: 25
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Occupation: Medical Assistant

Nominated by: Her best friend Syntia B., who writes “Tara (as she’s known by) has a heart of gold. For someone who has endured as much as she has she is still always smiling!  Tara lost her Father as an infant & has no personal memory. This caused her to be raised in a single parent household. This took a toll on Tara mentally because she strongly desired her paternal influence but had no further chance at this opportunity. This lead to her later being raised outside her immediate family’s household & separating her from the upbringing of her younger sisters. Needless to say Tara became a wreck less teenager but gave her life to Jesus right before graduating High School!  I met Tara at a church I used to attend, & even in her youth she was on fire for God! She was church Secretary, Youth Sunday School Teacher, a Pastor’s Aid, an Usher, a Jr. Missionary and the list goes on. Wherever there was a need you could count on Tara to step in the gap, all while working full time and pursuing her secondary education.  Tara is a fighter.  I’ve seen her work two, three, even four jobs to make her vision(s) come true.  Although Shanshatara has faced countless hardships in her life she’s one of the most outgoing optimistic individuals you’ll ever encounter!

Shanshatara started wearing glasses at age 10.  She feels limited by glasses and contacts when she goes swimming, stares at a computer during her 8-hour work day, or when her glasses slide off her face or fog-up when wearing a mask.  Shanshatara is looking forward to having LASIK to allow her the freedom to get up and go about her everyday life without the hassle of finding her glasses or putting in her contacts.

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