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See the good in St. Louis LASIK Giveaway Melissa K

Melissa K.
Columbia, IL

Nominated by:  Her friend Lauren H. who writes: “Melissa is the rock of her family. After her two children were born her husband got sick and their lives changed. Her husband no longer works but Melissa works full time and fully supports her family of four (as a front-line healthcare provider). On December 26, 2020 their family was at a neighbor’s (home) and she ran home to grab a drink to find their kitchen was on fire. She acted quickly and saved their two dogs and got the fire out with the help of neighbors right as the fire department arrived. Their house was heavily smoked damaged and the contents are mostly lost. While devastating, Melissa has a great outlook and is working through it for her family.


Melissa started wearing glasses at 25.  She realized she needed help with her vision when she had a hard time reading street signs then failed the eye test at the DMV.

She wears glasses every day which she claims has limited her life.  Melissa’s children like to hit her glasses.  Her work responsibilities require her to look at a computer screen for several hours and wearing glasses bother Melissa most when they fog up while wearing a mask.

Melissa is most excited about getting LASIK as it will allow her the freedom to not have glasses, to be active, to play sports, to play with her children, to wear sunglasses, and to not be dependent on glasses.

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