Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

Eye Drops & Medications: Shake all medicated drops before using.

  • #1 Twist-top vials of preservative-free artificial tears such as Refresh Plus. Conveniently purchase through pharmacy with other post-operative drops, over the counter, or online. On day of procedure, use one drop in procedure eye as frequently as possible, or no less than every fifteen to thirty minutes while awake. This is one of the most important steps you can take to help the healing process. For the first three months, use one drop in procedure eye a minimum of every two hours while awake, whether or not you feel the drop is needed. These vials can be recapped for multiple uses (9-11 drops per vial), however throw away and use a new vial on the next day.
  • #2 Ofloxacin (antibiotic, tan top, 5.0mL/80 drops). Take one drop in procedure eye four times daily – typically breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime – for one week, then stop.
  • #3 Prednisolone (steroid, pink/white top, 5.0mL/80 drops). Take one drop in procedure eye four times daily – typically breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime – for one week, then stop. Space out the antibiotic, steroid, and artificial tear drops by approximately 5 minutes to avoid “washing out” the previous medication. You can expect to have some crusting on your eyelashes after using this drop. Notify a Brinton Vision doctor if you have used steroid medicines before or if you start a new steroid medication (pill, cream, mist, inhaler, injection, prednisone, etc.) while taking the drops above. This combination can lead to a painless increase in eye pressure and vision loss. As long as you are taking a steroid eye drop you need to have your eye pressure checked in our office no less than every 4 weeks.


  • The numbing drops that we use for your procedure wear off after about fifteen minutes, which usually coincides with walking out to your car or the ride home. At this time patients may experience light sensitivity, the sensation of an eyelash in the eye, heavy eyelids, and excess tearing. On average this lasts for four hours. This is a good time to take a nap if desired.
  • Tape eye shield securely over your procedure eye while sleeping for the first two nights to prevent accidentally bumping or rubbing your eye.
  • No bedroom fans on the night of your procedure to prevent excess drying of the eyes while sleeping.
  • You may resume normal non-water workouts after your postop day one appointment.
  • If your surgeon places a bandage contact lens in your eye following the procedure, he will tell you. At your postop day one exam, tell your technician if your bandage contact lens is still in place as we will usually remove this. If your contact falls out prior to your visit, do not replace it. Keep your eyes closed and use preservative-free artificial tears for comfort. Call our office and we can discuss whether you would like us to replace the lens for you.