No patient at Brinton Vision will ever have to find out what happens if they blink during their laser eye surgery because we take reliable measures to prevent it. If you’re considering a laser vision correction procedure, keep reading to find out how we keep you safe and comfortable throughout the experience.

Many of the questions Brinton Vision gets from potential LASIK patients during a LASIK consultation concern what, specifically, occurs during the laser vision correction procedure. Understandably, these common concerns potential candidates bring up with us are geared toward ensuring safe and successful surgeries to correct myopia, presbyopia and other corneal refractive errors – so they can reduce or eliminate their reliance on glasses and contacts for good.

Sadly, some people avoid LASIK surgery out of fear. One of the greatest fears is that they’ll somehow move their eyeball or blink during eye surgery and cause a complication. Let’s put those fears to rest now with important information about this question.

Will I blink during LASIK surgery?

No, you won’t blink during laser eye surgery. You physically can’t, because your surgeon will use failproof techniques to protect you from any movement that could interfere with your surgery.

In addition to advanced LASIK technologies that deliver a safe, painless and precise vision correction experience in just a few minutes, the eyecare professional performing your surgery will take specific steps to prevent blinking and eye movement.

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How do I keep my eyelids open during LASIK eye surgery?

During LASIK surgery, your eye surgeon will ensure you’re in a comfortable position so you will naturally remain comfortably steady. Then the surgeon will apply anesthetic eye drops to numb you for the LASIK procedure. It doesn’t take much more than a few seconds for your eyes to be adequately numbed for surgery.

Next, your eye surgeon will need to ensure the proper position of your eye (they should be perfectly centered) for the type of refractive surgery being done. To accomplish this, he or she will place a small implement under the lid that will hold your eyes open to prevent blinking.

Can I still move my eyes during my procedure?

Patients’ eyes will naturally make small, involuntary movements, but there’s no need to worry. Modern LASIK procedures include the use of advanced eye-tracking systems to compensate for random eye movement.

The sophisticated tracking system Brinton Vision uses follows the center of the pupil via infrared tracking to detect and offset these small movements.

What if I sneeze or cough during LASIK?

Patients who sneeze or cough during their procedure need not worry. The excimer laser pauses or adjusts its position to compensate for this occurrence. Brinton Vision’s advanced technology and Dr. Brinton’s refractive experience mean that sneezing, coughing or any other involuntary movement of your eyes will not affect the outcome of your surgery. Let us alleviate your fear. We’ve had thousands of patients have the same concerns and had a great LASIK experience with optimal outcomes.

What if I don’t choose LASIK eye surgery?

The same general eye-stabilization techniques that are used to prevent patients from being able to blink during LASIK will be used in most eye surgeries. Whether you’re considering a traditional LASIK procedure or having a lens-based procedure with implantable contact lenses, you can expect to achieve outstanding vision correction results. In fact, most patients experience improved vision before they have even walked out of the clinic. Optimal results generally occur within just a few days of laser vision correction, with most patients going from nearsighted or farsighted to 20/20 or better visual outcomes.

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Dr. Jason P. Brinton is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of LASIK and refractive surgery. He is a graduate of Harvard College, earned his medical doctorate from the Harvard Medical School and is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.