Dusty Panhorst, voice of 93.7, has always been a bargain shopper. When it came to his vision, however, he didn’t want to trust to coupon deals or discount stores. He came to Brinton Vision, and this is why.

And a lot of people, when we have the conversations about my LASIK procedure, the cost is a big thing that a lot of people talk about. And I was, I’ve always been the guy that I want to find the best deal on things, or I want to save money.

And, uh, after being with my wife for so long, she is actually kind of changed my mindset on a lot of that stuff. She’s like, you get what you pay for.

And so when it came to even thinking about having a LASIK procedure, my eyes are pretty important. And I think that a lot of people feel that way. Why would you want to skimp on your eyes? You kind of need those. It’s a big part of your everyday life.

So, you know, when it comes to cost, I actually broke out what I was paying per year with glasses and contacts. And a lot of times I would only get either the contacts or the glasses because insurance would only cover one or the other. And my wife was getting them as well.

Then we got to start paying for the kids and their vision. The, the cost a year was outrageous and not having to spend that money every year. It will pay for itself, essentially, which is absolutely amazing.

That’s the kicker right there. You might have a, you know, an upfront cost, but great thing about Britain Vision as well. They work with you on that. You know, uh, it, it, it’s not saying you have to plop it all down right there immediately.

They can come up with a great plan for you. That way you can have the clear vision. That’s possible that if you’re a candidate, they can help you get to where you need to be. And what I also love about Briton Vision, Dr. Brinton is the person who does the procedure.

He’s the person who I originally met with there. They’re not bringing somebody from a different building in, it’s not somebody that I’ve never talked to before or seen he’s done so many of these procedures. He’s actually the person that a lot of doctors go to Debbie, no kidding.

Uh, when we were there for my actual procedure day, there was a doctor from, I wanna say it was an SSM doctor. I’m not sure where, but they said, he’s, he’s actually a doctor. And, uh, Dr. Brinton had, uh, he had a procedure by Dr. Brinton. It was about a month and a half ago, and that’s where the doctors go.

So if I’m going to trust my eyes to somebody, it’s going to be a Harvard grad that knows his, knows eyes better than anybody. And that has done this procedure and helped out so many people.

To me, that, you can’t put a price tag on that. You can’t put a price tag on making sure that it’s done the proper way and by a professional that takes care of other professionals.

So for me, it, you can’t put a price tag on it and it will pay for itself. I can’t say enough. Great things about Dr. Brinton and Brinton Vision is just, it’s amazing. It’s. And even if you go in for the consultation and this workup on your eyes, you’ll, you’ll find out things about your eyes that you didn’t might not even known possible.

Even if you’re not a candidate, say it turns out you’re not a candidate, you’ll know things about your eyes that you can know moving forward that could help with something else, maybe a different type of contact that you can wear or glasses that could actually help you see better. If you’re not a candidate, it with Brinton vision. In my opinion, they’re just, they’re unbeatable.