Since he was a young child, Joe Jonas was hindered by nearsightedness, struggling to see anything in the distance. Nearsightedness, also called myopia, is the most common vision disorder in the world and affects many people, even superstars. The famous singer, songwriter, and actor learned about EVO Visian ICL surgery and decided it was time to upgrade his vision with this advanced, new technology.

Recently, Jonas successfully underwent the EVO operation to have the EVO lenses implanted to regain visual freedom. Thanks to this effective vision correction solution, he is no longer burdened by the inconveniences of wearing contact lenses or glasses every day to see clearly.

If you’re considering having your eyesight corrected in St. Louis, Brinton Vision will assist you in choosing the best surgery for your vision needs. We are the only eye surgery facility in Missouri that provides EVO ICL in addition to LASIK, ASA/PRK, Custom Lens Replacment (RLE), SMILE, and KAMRA Inlay. So whether you have the same vision correction procedure as Joe Jonas or an alternative, you’ll achieve more visual freedom and be treated like a star at Brinton Vision.

Jonas’s Life-changing EVO Visian ICL Lens Procedure

Joe Jonas is a person who exemplifies tenacity and composure since he has managed to balance parenting, marriage, acting, and his musical career without missing a beat. For over 20 years, Jonas had to endure the inconvenience of wearing glasses and contact lenses; he dreamed of the day when his nearsightedness wouldn’t limit how he lived. He decided to have the EVO operation, which involves inserting a tiny, flexible lens into both of his eyes to correct his nearsightedness. EVO maintains the cornea, does not induce dry eye syndrome, and offers exceptionally crisp, clear vision day and night.

“I’ve been performing and touring ever since I was 15 years old with my brothers, and after long days and nights, I wished I didn’t have to worry about accidentally sleeping with my contacts in or keeping track of where I put my glasses, and to simply be able to wake up and see clearly,” said Joe Jonas. “After speaking with my doctor about this advanced new technology, I chose EVO as I felt like it was finally time to upgrade my vision and change how I could see the world. It was a seamless, easy procedure for me that quickly gave me sharp, clear vision day or night without inducing dry eye syndrome. The results are life-changing for me and with EVO, I now can simply wake up and go about my day.” – Joe Jonas

See if EVO ICL can bring you visual freedom.

EVO ICL Partnership

To increase awareness of its EVO Visian® Implantable Collamer® Lens, STAAR Surgical Company, a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of implantable lenses and associated delivery systems for the eye, has recently announced its collaboration with Joe Jonas. Jonas will share his life-changing experience with EVO lenses and how his distance vision has improved dramatically.

“Once Joe Jonas learned that our EVO lenses work in harmony with the natural eye and deliver excellent vision, day or night, he realized the EVO procedure could greatly help him as a dad and a performer, finally breaking free from the hassles he has experienced for years as an eyeglasses and contact lens wearer,” said Caren Mason, President, and CEO of STAAR Surgical. “Joe Jonas was a great candidate for EVO, and we are thrilled to have helped him achieve his vision goals. We are inspired by his personal story and appreciate his willingness to share his EVO journey with the millions of others who could also benefit from living life with visual freedom.”

The EVO ICL Difference

The EVO procedure is unique from other refractive surgery options like LASIK. EVO lenses are removable by a refractive surgeon for increased peace of mind and may permanently correct myopia and astigmatism without destroying corneal tissue. To eliminate nearsightedness and astigmatism with EVO ICL, Dr. Brinton implants a specialized, biocompatible, flexible lens composed of Collamer® between the iris (the colored area of the eye) and the natural lens of the eye. The EVO operation takes 20 to 30 minutes per eye. The EVO lens works to provide crisp, clear vision, exceptional night vision, integrated UV protection, and does not cause dry eye syndrome while working in harmony with the natural eye. After the surgery, most patients notice an immediate improvement in their eyesight.

For patients with thin corneas, a high degree of nearsightedness, or those who aren’t good candidates for LASIK, EVO ICLs are an excellent option. EVO ICL patients love the clear and precise visual results the implanted lenses offer. At Brinton Vision, we treat each patient like family and would love to tell you more about the life-changing EVO ICL procedure. Call our office today to schedule your Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis to see how we can help you achieve visual freedom.

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