What kind of lasers do you use?

As the only practice in St. Louis with multiple femtosecond and excimer laser platforms under one roof, we are better equipped to customize treatment options. We utilize the following lasers:

Intralase iFS laser — 150 Hz

This Intralase laser has been the gold standard of femtosecond LASIK flap makers since its inception in 2002. The iFS is the 5th and newest generation in this laser family, improving the speed of its predecessor by 2.5x. It can create a flap in under 10 seconds and also fashions the pockets we use for KAMRA Inlay and Raindrop Near Vision Inlay procedures.


This is one of our two excimer lasers. More LASIK cases have been done on the VISX laser than on any other laser in the world. It is also the laser approved for use in U.S. fighter pilots and NASA astronauts.

Allegretto Wavelight

This is the second of our two excimer lasers used for LASIK. The Allegretto Wavelight laser is the fastest excimer laser in the country (the Schwind laser is the fastest excimer laser in the world).

Zeiss Visumax — 500 Hz

This is one of our two femtosecond lasers. A femtosecond is one quadrillionth of a second. This is our newest laser and is the fastest femtosecond laser in the world, firing at 500Hz. It is also the only laser in the world that can do SMILE, a third-generation laser vision correction procedure. SMILE is a 100 percent femtosecond laser-based procedure.

Yag laser

This is a laser that we can use with Visian ICL and RLE surgery.