Jicama Fries with Lemon-Yogurt Dip

Jicama Fries

By Barbara E. Stefàno A few years ago, a leisurely walk through the supermarket produce led me to jicama (pronounced HEE-ka-muh), a starchy root vegetable originating in Mexico. Known for its crisp texture and mild flavor – it’s akin to an unsweet apple in both respects – jicama is often used to add a bit …

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Warm Up to This Vision-Friendly Chili

Vision-Friendly Chili

By Barbara E. Stefàno We couldn’t let too much of autumn pass without toasting the season with … well, seasoning! And what better way to amp-up the flavor of fall than with a spicy, vision-friendly chili? This recipe incorporates a number of eye-healthy ingredients and toppings: chicken breast, garlic and onions, peppers and avocado, to …

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7 Fall Dry-Eye Solutions

Fall Dry Eyes

Brinton Vision | Dry-Eye Solutions It’s that time of year when many LASIK patients coming through Brinton Vision’s doors are donning cable-knit, chunky scarves and the warm neutrals associated with fall. They may also be sporting bloodshot eyes, stringy or crusty mucus on the eyes and other symptoms of dry eye syndrome that frequently come …

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Brinton Vision Celebrates St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Win

Brinton Vision with Lord Stanley Cup

St. Louis Blues fans have been in a steady state of glee over the home team’s Stanley Cup victory since May – we’re no exception. And, like many hockey fans in Missouri, Brinton Vision LASIK staffers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Lord Stanley Cup. We finally got our chance on September 25 …

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We’ve Expanded!

Brinton Vision patient suite

St. Louis LASIK patients returning to the Brinton Vision office in recent weeks may have noticed something different. We’ve wrapped up an expansion that has allowed us to provide a more comfortable experience to our patients and our valued staff. Serving our LASIK patients better The most import change we made was to our clinical …

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