Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

For over four years, Brinton Vision has worked with UMSL College of Optometry to provide students with part time positions offering an in depth learning experience in refractive surgery. These students’ role is primarily on Saturday mornings, with options for full time summer positions if desired. Students working at Brinton Vision can anticipate multiple patient interactions weekly, with practice involving slit lamp exams, refraction, critical thinking, and visualizing eyes at one day post op for a range of procedures. This is a unique opportunity offering experience with refractive surgery post operative exams to prepare for a lifetime of confidence with co-management.


Brinton Vision also works with UMSL to provide a learning experience for fourth year students on rotation. This is a full-time track where the  student will work patients through a full exam, offering the patient a customer service focused exam, followed by discussion with our refractive surgery expert doctors to determine candidacy. This student also works with post operative patients at all points in their healing process, and will learn from our doctors on how to counsel patients with any range of experiences. Emphasis as well on business development and how to market to an online audience effectively.




JT Thayer | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’24

Landon | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’24

Alex | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’24

Will | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’24

Sam Killion – Resident | St. Louis VA Hospital

Kristen Doerfler | Midwest Eye Associates, St. Peters, MO

Hyrum Wahlquist | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’23

Caleb Warren | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’23

Genevieve | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’25

Ryan | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’25

Alex | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’25

Alex | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’25

Alex | UMSL College of Optometry, Class of ’25



Amanda Adkisson | Clarkson Eyecare, Swansea, IL

Lauren (Ward) Ziehm | Wing Eyecare/MyEyeDr, Milford, OH

Adam Greene | not sure




Meagan Anderson – Kugler Vision

Joe ROth – Fenton Family Eyecare

Molly (Huck) Lamprecht – Overland Optical

Jessica Weis – Surevision Eye Centers

Ty Diggs – Eye Associates| Olathe, KS

Matt Falconer – Lakepointe Vision Center

Eric Pfeiffer – Tekwani Vision Center

Justin Kendall – Performance Eyecare

Brittney Nguyen – McFarland Eye Care | Arkansas


  • Are you looking to learn in a technician role, or the doctor role? Our position includes training on scribing to learn terminology, as well as doctor skills such as refracting, slit lamp exam skills, thorough evaluation of patients’ corneas, use of BIO, minor procedures such as punctal plug placement, creating surgical marks, applanation tonometry.
  • Skills developed will assist in a future of surgical co-management confidence after examining hundreds of one day LASIK/Refractive Lens Exchange (similar to cataract)/Implantable contact lens post-ops. Our students become proficient at evaluating anterior chamber cell and flare, determining ICL positioning and vault, evaluating LASIK flap healing, and treatment of common day one complications.
  • Beyond doctor skills, our students are trained with our doctors on customer service and marketing skills. This includes reputation management, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and online presence. As a cash only based practice we can offer a unique perspective on direct to consumer advertising.
  • Typical hours for a Saturday student technician are 7:00am to 10:30am with options for full time summer work if desired.
  • Competitive pay with base plus incentive


Health Insurance

Tuition Reimbursement

Generous PTO

Competitive Pay


Gym Membership


Regular Staff Outings


Health Savings Account