Tony’s Experience with LASIK SBK

Tony testimonial; Tony, an asian man with a thin mustache shown from the waist up is standing in a hallway at Brinton Vision. On the right of the photo reads the text "It's been a life-changing experience." Beneath that it says "Tony H. St. Louis, MO SBK Patient". Beneath that is the Brinton Vision logo

SBK Patient Tony H. shares his life-changing experience with LASIK. Tony is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and went from requiring his glasses from the very moment he woke up to being able to see the leaves on the trees outside of Brinton Vision’s office as soon as his procedure was over. Hi, my …

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Dave’s LASIK Story

photo of dave, a white man in a blue button up and white lab coat from the chest up. He is standing in a well lit hallway holding two chalkboard signs. The one in his right hand says "Thank you Brinton Vision", the one in his left hand says "Better than 20/20"

As a fitness professional, living glasses free has brought Dave’s fitness to the next level! Dave came to the doctors at Brinton Vision in St. Louis, Missouri for LASIK eye surgery, and they gave him his visual freedom. Hi, I’m Dave from St. Louis, Missouri. I had the SBK procedure done at Brinton Vision in …

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