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See the good in St. Louis LASIK Giveaway Jessica H


Jessica H.
Age: 28
Hometown: Marine, IL
Occupation:  Labor and Delivery Nurse


Nominated by: Her sister Jennifer R., who writesMy sister Jess, was an ICU nurse for the last four years before switching to labor and delivery. She works harder than anyone else I know to show her patients the best care possible. With working at a hospital during the COVID pandemic, she has to wear two face mask and her glasses fog up and she can’t see well to work. She constantly has to clean off her glasses to perform the task at hand. But she does not let that stop her from providing excellent care to new moms and dads during a milestone event in their life. She truly is a role model for not only me, but for her son!”

Jessica started wearing glasses in the 5th grade.  It was a stressful time for her because no one else in her class wore them which made her feel different.

During most of her adult life, Jessica has alternated between wearing contact lenses and glasses until the last year when wearing contacts was no longer an option for her as they caused dryness and she said her vision wasn’t as clear when she wore them.   Jessica started wearing her glasses all the time which coincided with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic which created some challenges.  Given she cannot see without glasses and she works 12-hour shifts as a labor and delivery nurse, she has frequently found her glasses fogging up or falling off due to the design of her glasses and the necessity of wearing a mask.  Her two-year-old son also likes to grab at her glasses and she finds herself warning him not to break them as she’s dependent on them to see.

Jessica finds it difficult to even imagine the life-changing benefits LASIK would give her though she admits it would be “extremely nice” to see clearly and would be excited to wear sunglasses again.

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