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The Optometrist and the Ophthalmologist: How Dr. Wilson chose Brinton Vision

When optometrist Dr. Josh Wilson of Advanced Vision Care in Belleville and Nashville, Illinois decided to look into LASIK, he began like most people do—by shopping around for the best LASIK surgeon. In very little time, he found a provider who, after a brief exam, was eager to put him on the schedule for LASIK.

Before he made his final decision, however, a colleague told Dr. Wilson about Dr. Jason P. Brinton and Brinton Vision. Dr. Brinton is doing something a little different in the world of LASIK providers: a Harvard-educated, world-renowned refractive surgeon, Dr. Brinton has invested in the education and technology to provide not only LASIK, but all six of its modern variations.

Dr. Wilson knew that could mean there was a better option for his vision correction. He picked up the phone and called Brinton Vision.

During his comprehensive Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis (BVOA), Dr. Wilson learned that a procedure Visian ICL was the optimal treatment for his unique eyes. He also had the opportunity to see for himself how much thoughtful care Dr. Brinton provides to every one of his patients. He booked his ICL procedure, and a short time later, he was not only seeing better than 20/20, he had the peace of mind knowing he chose the procedure and the surgeon he’d researched and felt best about.

I like to think that we offer the best care. We're going to give them the best options.–Dr. Josh Wilson, Optometrist, Advanced Vision Care

What’s more, Dr. Wilson found that Brinton Vision was a logical choice for his own patients who wanted to free themselves from the burden of glasses and contacts.

“I like to think that we offer the best care,” said Dr. Wilson. “I relate what Dr. Brinton offers. … A lot of these places that are discount are using older technologies. The surgeon is probably not skilled or maybe just doing it on the side or something, in addition to their regular practice. I like to think that we offer the best care. We’re going to give them the best options.”

Taking the next step toward visual freedom is simple! Schedule your comprehensive Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis to find out if you are a candidate for any of the seven proven refractive treatments, fill out the form below. As an Advanced Vision Care referral, you qualify for a special discounted rate of $80 (regularly $120) for your 90-minute exam and consultation. If you decide clear, natural vision is the solution for you, your exam fee will be applied toward the cost of your procedure.

Questions? Call Brinton Vision at 314.375.2020. We’re happy to help!

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Once I get a BVOA, how long are my results valid?2017-08-17T14:33:49-06:00

Your Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis results are valid for three months. That means that, if you do plan to have LASIK or any other procedure, you will need to schedule it within that timeframe. If you plan to wait longer, the BVOA will be repeated prior to surgery. This is because eye conditions can change. We will not perform surgery on someone without taking the steps needed to ensure accurate results.

Do you have financing plans available for laser eye surgery?2017-08-17T14:35:05-06:00

Yes. We accept all traditional forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, and checks. We also accept funding from FSAs and HSAs, and we work with financing companies to provide a range of payment plans based on approved credit. The two most popular plans our patients opt for are a convenient and affordable 60-month plan with no pre-payment penalty, and a 24-month, zero down, no interest plan. Once we know you are a candidate for a particular procedure, we will work with you to find the best plan for your budget and individual situation.

Why do you offer so many options when other places only have a couple? Isn’t LASIK just LASIK?2019-07-23T11:53:41-06:00

No two people have the same fingerprints, and no two people have the same eyes. LASIK is a good option for some people, but there are other procedures that can be a better fit, depending on your eye anatomy, health history, and vision problems. All of this is evaluated using state-of-the-art technology in a Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis (BVOA) in our St. Louis laser eye surgery practice. Dr. Brinton is the only full-time, comprehensive refractive surgeon in the state of Missouri, and one of just a handful in the United States to provide LASIK plus its six modern variations (LASIK alternatives) to his patients. These include SMILE, Visian ICL, RLE, ASA, KAMRA® Inlay, and ASA. He does so because he believes in providing personalized, customized care to each guest who walks through the door at Brinton Vision.

Other St. Louis lasik centers advertise free screenings. Why does Brinton Vision perform full evaluations and charge a fee?2018-08-20T12:32:41-06:00

In a short answer, we’re different.

We are a specialty laser vision correction practice that performs LASIK plus all of its modern variations. This is what we do, and we do it well. We are the only such LASIK eye surgery center in St. Louis and Missouri, and one of just a handful in the country. We don’t cut corners, and we are not interested in talking you into a procedure that isn’t right for you. By putting your needs first in an exceptionally personal consultation, not only will you feel more comfortable with your decision, but Dr. Brinton rests more easily knowing that you are receiving the best LASIK laser eye surgery for your unique eyes.

If you are a candidate for a refractive procedure and you book your Brinton Vision Ocular Analysis directly through Brinton Vision, your payment will be applied to that procedure. At the very least, you will have the most comprehensive analysis available of your eye health and vision, and can be armed with that knowledge moving forward.