Brinton Vision – Lasik St. Louis

Eye Drops & Medications:

  • #1 Ofloxacin (antibiotic, tan top, 5.0mL/80 drops). Take one drop in procedure eye four times daily – typically breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime – for one week, then stop.
  • #2 Lotemax/prednisolone (steroid, pink top, 5.0mL/80 drops). Shake before using. Take one drop in procedure eye four times daily – typically breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime – for one week, then stop. Notify a Brinton Vision doctor if you have used steroid medicines before or if you start a new steroid medication (pill, cream, mist, inhaler, injection, prednisone, etc.) while taking the drops above. This combination can lead to a painless increase in eye pressure, which if undetected, can cause serious vision loss. As long as you are taking a steroid eye drop you need to have your eye pressure checked in our office no less than every 4 weeks.
  • #3 Twist-top vials of preservative-free artificial tears Conveniently purchase through pharmacy with other post-operative drops, over the counter, or online. Take one drop 4x per day for 1 month, then taper as needed. These vials can be recapped for multiple uses (9-11 drops per vial), however throw away and use a new vial on the next day. Space out the antibiotic, steroid, and artificial tear drops by approximately 5 minutes to avoid “washing out” the previous medication.


  • If your surgeon places a bandage contact lens in your eye following LRI the procedure he will tell This is typically removed at your postop day #1 visit. Please tell your technician if your bandage lens is still in place at your postop day #1 visit. If your contact falls out prior to your visit, do not replace it. Keep your eyes closed and use preservative-free artificial tears for comfort. Call the office and we can discuss whether you would like us to replace the lens for you.
  • You may experience irritation, light sensitivity, “heavy eyelids,” and excess tearing following your procedure. This typically subsides over the first day.
  • Tape eye shield securely over the procedure eye while sleeping for the first two nights to prevent accidentally bumping or rubbing your eye
  • You may resume normal non-water workouts after your day 1 post-operative examination.