Treatments for Dry Eyes

dry eyes lasik st louis

LASIK St Louis: Treatments for Dry Eyes Dry eyes is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren’t able to produce adequate lubrication in the form of tears for your eyes. There are many causes for this, but let’s focus on alleviating the symptoms. Symptoms include: Stinging, burning or scratchy sensation in the eyes. …

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Start the Year with Clear Vision

New Year's Resolutions LASIK St Louis

LASIK ST LOUIS NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS Every year at this time, I begin making a mental list of all I hope to accomplish in the coming new year. More often than not, that list is all about taking care of myself and stepping closer to becoming the person I strive to be—things like going to …

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Holiday Lights Never Looked Better!

best christmas gift to yourself LASIK St Louis

The holiday season has begun. As you search for the perfect gift for each of your loved ones, don’t forget to care for yourself! In fact, you only have to look as far as the end of your nose! Lose your glasses and toss your contacts for good with the priceless gift of clear, natural vision. …

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Be Kind to Your Eyes: Daily Habits for Healthy Eyes

healthy eyes healthy vision

Brinton Vision | LASIK St. Louis Daily Habits for Healthy Eyes Every one of us has daily habits that make us healthier and happier. We wake up at about the same time, we brush our teeth, we eat at regular intervals, and we may even have a routine of going to the gym, playing golf, …

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