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Our Open Opportunities

Who We Are!

We are photographers, dog lovers, volleyball players, foodies, video game heroes, stand-up paddle boarders, skiers, movie buffs, musicians, and skydivers. We have die-hard Blues and Cardinals fans. We like having fun together. We are passionate about helping others see the world clearly, without the limitations of glasses and contacts.

Imagine awakening each morning being able to see your alarm clock, read the newspaper, get in the car and drive somewhere, open your eyes underwater, put on any pair of sunglasses you want, and fall asleep in bed watching a movie. We help people with poor eyesight who dream big. Our corrective treatments empower our patients to live in the moment, every moment. It’s not fair that some people have to go through life with an eye prescription – our fifteen minute treatments level the playing field and give new life to eyes that are tired of squinting and straining to see.

We enjoy a fun, fast-paced work environment. We have a passion for our employees and encourage a positive and collaborative approach to our daily routine. Relax in our lounge, play a game of table tennis, Foosball, or jam with two of our guitarists. Or wind down by joining in with our lunchtime yoga, led by one of our employees. We are a family. You will find a friend here, and will end up bringing your friends as our company continues to grow.

What Our Team Has to Say!



“Brinton Vision offers great opportunities to learn something new each day”



“I like working at Brinton Vision because of the wealth of opportunities for learning and growth.”



“I like working at Brinton Vision because I feel appreciated here.”

Recent All-Staff Outings Include…


        • Breakfast at the Shack and First Watch
        • Dinner at Paul Manno’s, Pasta House, Kemoll’s, Bristol, and others
        • Bowling
        • Wakeboarding
        • Westport Social
        • Top Golf
        • Six Flags
        • Pink Galleon billiards

The Perks

        • Competitive salary
        • Health insurance
        • Health Savings Account (HSA) with monthly company contribution/match
        • Dental insurance
        • Vision benefits
        • Monthly staff outings provided by the company
        • 401k with company match
        • Paid gym membership
        • Generous vacation/PTO days
        • Paid holidays
        • 4-day work week options
        • Advancement and career opportunities

Click here to be redirected to Zenefits, our benefits provider, for a list of medical insurance plans and dental insurance plans that Brinton Vision provides. Enter your date of birth, zip code, and information on your family members to get a detailed insurance benefits quote that includes monthly costs and plan details.

What Our Patients Say

Michelle Kuelker: “Amazing experience! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable! They make you feel so comfortable.”
Kristen Tyler: “The people are really nice and helpful and they know what they are doing. They work together as a team. I recommend everybody to come here”
Greg Smith: “If you’re looking for a professional, courteous and welcoming place to get your eye surgery done, look no further than Brinton Vision. Everyone, from the receptionist to Dr. Brinton, treats you like an exclusive patient — And the environment definitely gives you that feeling, as well.”
Kim Koeln: “The staff at Brinton Vision is beyond reproach. Their professionalism and genuine care for their patients is second to none… Dr. Brinton and his staff provide an unparalleled patient experience and they all take pride in making sure every detail of your stay is met with care, understanding, kindness, and professionalism.”

Our Open Opportunities

Clinical Assistant

Call Center Representative


Medical Assistant



VP of Sales

What We Look For

While there’s no exact template for success at Brinton Vision, our people share some qualities that help make us successful – and that make working here fun.


We look for people with a unique ability to serve others with compassion, love, and concern


We look for people who operate with integrity 100% of the time. A decision that compromises integrity is not worth it, even if it leads to outward success

Passion for excellence

We look for people who will be passionate about creating a world-class, personal, patient experience


We look for people who choose to lift and build their teammates instead of gossiping and complaining; take ownership and responsibility instead of blaming; and view their opportunities and workplace through a lens of empowerment rather than entitlement

How to land a job at Brinton Vision

High-tech, lifestyle medicine jobs are consistently among the most desired positions for talented employees. This past year we fielded about 2,500 applications for positions within our company and extended offers to 5 individuals, or about 1 in 500. Our hiring process is detailed, involves multiple steps, and can commonly take 4-6 weeks to complete. This is intentional! For those looking to make their career at Brinton Vision, here is what you can expect.

Step 1:

Submit your resume by clicking here. Managers review resumes on an ongoing basis from our applicant pool.

Step 2:

When one of our hiring managers takes an interest in your application they will reach out to you for a 10-minute phone call. The purpose of this call is to discuss the reasons for your interest in Brinton Vision, what sort of position you are looking for, and your professional goals. We want you to succeed and make sure it is a good fit for you. Approximately 1 in 10 applicants receives a phone call.

Step 3:

For applicants whose interests are likely to be a fit for one of our positions, an invitation is extended to visit our office. This is an informal visit where applicants have the opportunity to meet with select management and non-management staff members in order to experience our office and culture. Approximately 1 in 25 applicants is invited to visit our office in person.

Step 4:

Interview with hiring manager. In preparation for this interview, you will fill out our Full Brinton Vision Employment Application online. Approximately 1 in 50 applicants is invited to interview in person with a hiring manager.

Step 5:

A background check is conducted for verification purposes and our hiring manager calls all references. Hiring managers do not move forward in the application process until this step is complete and they have successfully connected with each of your former managers and supervisors.

Step 6:

Shadowing for two half-days in our office. This is your chance to get to know our staff, learn what they love about their jobs, and ask them tough questions. We work in a fast-paced but highly supportive work environment. Our team members consider each other to be about as close as it gets to family. Do your own due diligence. Consider carefully whether you are a fit for our work family. Approximately 1 in 100 applicants is invited to shadow in the office.

Step 7:

Final round interviews with other managers. Employment offers are extended after consensus is reached on an applicant by team members. This past year, approximately 1 in 500 applicants was extended an offer to join our Brinton Vision team.


Health Insurance

Tuition Reimbursement

Generous PTO

Competitive Pay


Gym Membership


Regular Staff Outings


Health Savings Account