Considering LASIK in St. Louis? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting LASIK

LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures are life-changing. If you’ve lived with the hassle of glasses or contacts, you know that the idea of waking up in the morning and seeing the world around you with crisp, clear vision is more than a little exciting. Before you make an appointment for LASIK in St. …

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Diabetes and vision: What you should know.

diabetes and vision

When someone has diabetes, vision is often affected. Eye problems are an unwelcome side effect of diabetes, and if  you are among the 29 million people in the United States who suffer from diabetes, you know that blurry vision can be scary. It’s easy to fear the worst, yet there are a number of things …

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Aging eyes? Here are 5 things to look for.

aging eyes aging vision

Now that 40 has become a reality for me, I am beginning to understand first-hand how unsettling it can be now that my body is beginning to make the same noises as my coffee maker. I am learning the importance of being able to find humor in the changes that are occurring, and I am …

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LASIK vs. PRK: What’s the Difference?


When people visit us to find out about LASIK in St. Louis, one of the most common questions we are asked at Brinton Vision is What is the difference between LASIK and PRK? Both of these procedures are performed by some of the best LASIK surgeons in St. Louis and nationwide. They are both life-changing …

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